Ethical Veganism

From Helmut Kaplan’s Facebook page:

// In the UK, all nursing staff will be vaccinated from October. However, this does not apply to vegans. The so-called ethical
Veganism was declared a protected worldview in a court ruling last year and is therefore subject to special protection under British labor law.

Specifically, it is animal testing with vaccines that contradict the ethical vegan philosophy. Since a vaccination would automatically mean that the vegans would have to act contrary to their worldview, they are exempted from the obligation to vaccinate. //

“Unfortunately, the provision will have little effect, as ethical vegans have long been a species that is becoming extinct,” commented the Austrian animal ethicist Helmut Kaplan on the decision.

We welcome the decision of the British, they are one step ahead of us Germans.

In this case, veganism is seen (almost) like a religion and consideration is given accordingly.

On the argument …” Yes, but most drugs also come on the market with animal testing, why now only refuse the vaccination”, we can say that a painkiller, for example, is not subject to any obligation, I take it if I want.

In any case … that ethical veganism is subject to protection is a very big step in our justice system and one can therefore hope that this decision can also positively influence the morality of our society.

My best regards to all, Venus

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