Austria: peaceful animal rights activists brutally beaten

Austria, Pöttelsdorf, on August 6th, 2021-Report of the “Association against Animal factories”

When animal rights activists yesterday took over two pigs from the largest fattening pig factory in Burgenland, Austria, with 3,000 animals on fully slatted floors and built an enclosure for them, everything seemed to be about to take a good turn.

The two animals, although their joints were clearly swollen, were doing well, immediately examined their surroundings with interest, rummaged in the straw and enthusiastically ate fresh fruit and vegetables.
They were called Mickey and Jackie.

Mickey and Jackie in freedom

At around 9 o’clock the older of the two managing directors of the company gave the two pigs to the “Association against animal factories” (VgT) with the words “the pigs are left to you”, explicitly without asking for money.

The VGT quickly organized a place to stay and asked the animal rescue team to come and fetch the pigs.
But the younger manager revoked the donation about an hour later.

Then it went up and down, various people, including an organic farmer, offered up to € 3,000 for the animals, but apparently the Chamber of Agriculture prevented the handover.

After its intervention it was said that the pigs were not for sale, although the older managing director told the VGT afterwards that he would have gladly left them to the animal rights activist.
So the police went to evacuate around 5 p.m.

Police violence against peaceful animal rights activists

The VGT presents a video of the violent eviction of the peaceful animal rights activists who only wanted to save the two pigs Mickey and Jackie from their completely senseless death:

“Now he obviously wants to kill the pigs to injure us. It would be appalling if Mickey and Jackie were simply executed, ”said VGT chairman Martin Balluch, dismayed.
The result is still pending.

During and after the eviction, the official veterinarian present mocked the animal rights activists in an ugly way.

“Giving the animals straw and a run is cruelty to animals, they could get pneumonia” , she said!!

pigs in the hell of fattening pig factory-Austria

The VGT has a carcass inspection of the pigs from this farm dated June 11, 2021.
According to this, 43% (!) of the animals from this pig factory had pneumonia and 7% of them had foreign content in the lungs! Roundworms were found in the liver of 17% of the pigs and a full 70% of the animals had an illness, whereby bite and scratch injuries as well as swollen joints and calluses were not recorded.

VGT chairman Martin Balluch was there and was brutally torn from the ramp onto the animal transport by the police:
“These pigs are owned by the VGT, they were given to us and this donation cannot be easily reversed.
To do this, we will take legal action to get our property back. “

Finally: “Unfortunately, the state has used its power again to bend the law to the disadvantage of the pigs instead of protecting the animals.
Animals are still considered things for which there should be no emergency aid.
If the animal protection law were to be taken seriously, this pig factory would have to be closed.
However, with such official veterinarians all empathy is lost.
The Hippocratic oath to always stand up for the interests of her patients obviously does not count for her.
Instead, she said in all seriousness that the pigs were better off in the animal factory than outside.
The carcass inspection certificates of the pigs from this farm speak a completely different language.
The incident proves: with such official vets there will never be effective control of the animal industry, and with such animal factory operators it will never be possible to improve the lot of the pigs, unless there are very clear laws that prohibit fully slatted floors and make straw bedding mandatory.
These people have no conscience and no compassion. You can only get hold of them with legal prohibitions. ” (Martin Balluch)

And I mean…State violence is escalating.
If 600 arrested demonstrators and one death in Berlin is the bill of a peaceful demonstration against Corona measures, why would the police have any inhibitions to brutally beat a few compassionate animal liberators who only wanted to protect two pigs that were given them free?

Was the farmer afraid that the animal rights activists would beat him and that’s why he calls the police to protect himself from the violence of the “terrorists”?!!

Of course not! In general, police officers are only the front-line workers of a skillfully working back-stage- dictatorship made up of experts from politics, the meat industry and the judiciary, and their violence is only a clear instruction that in the future we should understand “herd immunity” primarily as a deliberate lack of criticism and resistance towards the state apparatus

My best regards to all, Venus

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