The end of bird trapping in France?

Committee against Bird Murder e.V.-Report

Just a few months ago, the French Supreme Court banned the use of liming rods, which were still allowed in Provence despite the ban by the EU bird protection directive.

In June the court upheld the verdict in the second instance – catching birds with limesticks is finally over.
Now the same court has followed up and has made a truly unbelievable decision: the judges have classified all bird trapping permits in the country as non-EU-compliant and banned them.

This applies to the brutal stone crush traps in the Massif Central as well as the horsehair snares in the Ardennes, as well as the nets for lapwing in the Champagne and skylark in the Bay of Biscay.

For all of these fishing methods, which have been banned throughout the EU for decades, France had issued generous exemptions.

Now these “old hunting traditions” are facing their final end.

It is still too early to celebrate, however, because it remains to be seen how the government in Paris will deal with the ruling by the Supreme Court.
It is now up to President Macron whether he finally takes migratory bird protection seriously or kneels in front of the hunting lobby.

So far, bird trapping permits have always been renewed in early autumn. So the next few weeks will be crucial.

Time enough to put the champagne in the cold!

And I mean…French President Macron is seen as a proponent of hunting.
1.1 million hunters are registered in France. Just for comparison: The German Hunting Association currently has 383,828 hunting licenses.

Macron’s bows to the hunters are sometimes tangible, sometimes symbolic.
For example, he halved the price of the hunting license from 400 to 200 euros.

But Emmanuel Macron’s throne is wobbling at the moment.
The “yellow vest” movement, the massive protests in the country with 200,000 protesters against Green Pass are not good indicators for his re-election.
Therefore Macron should not think about the hunters at all, but about the majority of the population of France who are against hunting, and thus he has to protect the people’s desire for animal welfare and not serve a specific clientele or lobby.

My best regards to all, Venus

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