Austria: Mickey and Jackie, the pigs from the animal factory freed again!

Update: Mickey and Jackie, whom the police evacuated and whom the owner of the pig factory absolutely did not want to sell, are now safe after all!

We reported about it:

As a reminder: First, last Thursday, they were freed from the largest pig fattening area in Burgenland (Austria) by strangers and taken over by animal rights activists who built them an outdoor enclosure.

People and pigs were together for 12 hours, the siblings were called Mickey and Jackie.

After the older managing director of the company had given the pigs to the Association against animal factories (VGT) and the latter wanted to have them picked up, the younger managing director apparently thwarted his plans at the urging of the Chamber of Agriculture.

Even a price of 3,000 euros could not soften him, instead he had the police forcefully evacuate the animal rights activists who had rallied around the pigs.
Then Mickey and Jackie were loaded up and taken to the slaughterhouse.
Goodbye, thought so many people who had suffered with the pigs.

But now the VGT has received very good news: the two pigs were again freed by strangers on Friday morning.

The two pigs Mickey and Jackie were simply left in the animal transport trailer overnight by the operator of the pig factory and had to wait for their death in a hall.

Photos show that they apparently stayed overnight in the tractor’s transport trailer, which was parked in a hall.
There he was found by strangers who took the two pigs away and brought them to safety.

Rescued again: Mickey and Jackie are now in an unknown location, safe from the authorities and the cells of the pig industry.

This is probably unique in the history of animal rights activism in Austria: two pigs that have been freed twice from the clutches of the animal industry.

The Chamber of Agriculture and the operator of the pig factory are now empty-handed. The Association against animal factories (VGT) has nothing to do with either exemption, the photos were only leaked to it.

The VGT is a media company and therefore does not have to name the sources from where it gets its information. On the other hand, the VGT is the legal owner of the two pigs, since they were given to him.

The pigs are now in an unknown location.

And I mean…VGT chairman Martin Balluch is overjoyed: “Many thanks to the people who brought about this rescue. They are the real heroes of this story”!
Yes! Respect and thanks to the activists, we are also overjoyed!
We come back to the times of the ALF’s liberation actions.

Of course, the liberation of Mickey and Jackie is a symbol of the misery of all other captured pigs.
And a warning to the meat industry and its lobbyists: we are here and we are fighting with system and determination against the exploitation and slavery of animals.

My best regards to all, Venus

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