9/8/21: Elbeik Fire Update and Videos.

WAV Comment – 9/8/1 – from what we know, the Elbeik was on fire for around 24 hours.  Very fortunately, there were no animals on board.  Hopefully the vessel has now met its demise, considering it is around 54 years old. It should have been scrapped years ago, along with the animal transportation business it supports. Karma.

An infamous livestock carrier has met a fiery end off Spain. The Togo-flagged Elbeik caught fire off Tarragona port on Friday afternoon.

All crew were evacuated from the burning ship and many firefighters were deployed to help put the blaze out. After 24 hours the fire on the 54-year-old vessel was extinguished. It is thought the blaze started in a lifeboat and quickly spread with the vessel widely tipped to be a total loss. Fortunately, there were no animals onboard – the ship had been waiting to take on its next shipment of livestock.

The 1967-built ship made headlines last December when 1,800 cattle onboard had to be put down after a horrendously long journey.

Our past articles relating to the Elbeik can all be found via the following link



Regards Mark

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