Horses are not sports equipment! What we should learn from the Tokyo Olympics

The German rider (and pentathlon fighter) Annika Schleu from Berlin lost her medal, which was already believed to be safe, because the horse “Saint Boy” she had been given bucked in show jumping and she therefore received 0 points.
31st place instead of the Olympic podium.

Schleu cried violently on the horse’s back, desperately trying to get the animal on course by hitting it with the whip.

All to no avail- And the gold dream was over!

The whole spectacle could be seen live on TV, but a shameful scene still triggered a more spectacular shit storm:
When “Saint Boy” refuses to even run into the riding course, national trainer Kim Raisner rushes to the fence, just wanting to help the rider.
That is not enough! She also becomes active herself.

First the trainer boxed the horse in the side, then she asked Schleu: “Hit it right! Hit it!”
Finally, the trainer was officially excluded from the Olympic Games, Annika Schleu was out anyway, but also received a violent shit storm as a result of her hideous behavior, which forced her to delete her account.

Saint Boy showed massive signs of panic, overwhelming, stress, fear and helplessness.

The allegations to Schleu and trainer Raisner: Beating the obviously nervous horse is cruelty to animals.
In addition, Schleu behaved completely hysterically and transferred her own frustration to the animal.

Since this incident, the press has been forced to show solidarity with the human actors in this drama.
Thousands of times every day we had to listen to interviews with justifications, explanations, even cheeky accusations against the horse, all with a single purpose: to save the brutal business with horses from public anger.

It was about business again and this business is worth billions and is run by the rich who “train” not only horses but also the media!

The association also had a say for us: “… the international association has to change the rules.
It needs to be redesigned to protect horse and rider. The welfare of the animals and fair competition conditions for the athletes must be the focus. “

Apparently the association wants to save the own business and therefore speaks of a change in the rule, and not of the abolition of equestrian sport in the Olympia, where the animals are only used as means for the purpose, and are beaten if they say NO!

But as soon as the association sees the number (104.000) of people who have signed many petitions for the abolition of equestrian sport, something will understand.
Or must understand!

Action must be taken now! We demand: The immediate PARTICIPATION STOP of horses at the Olympics! Cruelty to animals is neither compatible with the Olympic spirit nor with animal welfare!

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My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Horses are not sports equipment! What we should learn from the Tokyo Olympics”

  1. What a disgusting and absolutely spoiled brat, people who make slaves of animals don’t deserve medals or recognition because the animals always lose no matter what. Signed the first and third, I couldn’t get the second one, thanks.


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