Grouse shooting in UK: ‘A glorious 12th for hunt saboteurs’

The UK’s grouse shooting season has officially begun, with the first shoots taking place yesterday.
The day is called the ‘glorious twelfth’ by people who enjoy shooting primarily ground-dwelling birds.

This year over 100 hunt sabs disrupted multiple grouse shoots in the Yorkshire Dales, the Hunt Saboteurs Association has claimed.

Shoots in Wensleydale, Swaledale and Arkengarthdale were targeted.

Police were called and a stand-off between shooting parties and the saboteurs took place on several moors.
The Hunt Saboteurs Association said in a post on its website:

“We found our first driven shoot located above the village of Healaugh on Reeth Low Moor.
A stand off ensued whilst the shooters called in the police and we held them there for several hours and monitored them for the rest of the day”.

It is unlikely that many of the hunting community were big fans of the direct action, but there was a lot of support on social media for the sabs.

We’ve rounded up the best of it below:
Hit report from yesterday’s mass sab of the inglorious 12th!
— West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs (@wyhuntsabs) August 13, 2021
You’re all brilliant. Donation on it’s way. Thanks to all
— Susan 💙 (@Sueblueocean) August 13, 2021
Wow. 100 of you turned up.
Im impressed. Thank you
We will clean up the countryside yet.
— Michael Smith (@albionau) August 13, 2021
Just thank you.
— the Brexitarian (@AMaddock4) August 13, 2021
Northern sabs killing it today! 👊🏽#NoMoorMyths
— Wiltshire Hunt Saboteurs (@WiltsHuntSabs) August 12, 2021
Still feeling the love for yesterday’s successes..
— South Wales Hunt Sabs (@SWalesHuntSabs) August 13, 2021

Well done to all sabs out yesterday.
— Lee Moon (@PressHsa) August 13, 2021

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We also say “Thank you” to the Hunt Sabs for disabling the traditional beginning of Grouse’s murder.
We show solidarity with everyone who combats and prevents the murder of innocent animals without violence.

Many thanks also to the author of this article.
There are apparently some journalists who have not yet sold their professional ethics because of their careers

My best regards to all, Venus

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