Tenerife-Loro Parque: The captured 2 year old Orca Ula is dead

Orca Morgan, the weakened female orca, was found completely exhausted off the Dutch coast in 2010 and brought to the Harderwijk Dolphinarium. There she should be nursed back to health.

But after Morgan was well again, she was not released into the wild, as originally announced, but handed over to Loro Parque on Tenerife around a year later.

The dolphinarium nursed her to health, but refused to release her back into the wild. With the reason: it is deaf and will not survive in the wild(!!!)

Orca whale Morgan jumping high out of the water at Tenerife’s Loro Parque’s Orca Show, audience getting splashed

Morgan’s supporters were speechless when the rumor that Morgan was deaf reached them.

The Orca Coalitie raised concerns that neither the Harderwijk Dolphinarium nor the Loro Parque had consulted an independent expert to assess Morgan’s health.
Hence, the statement about Morgan’s deafness is just another attempt by the dolphinarium industry to justify keeping Morgan in captivity.

Such dirty tricks have been used in the past by the captivity industry to prevent releases.

Orca Morgan that was captured in the Waddenzee in the Northern part of the Netherlands swims in the pool at the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk on June 24, 2010. AFP PHOTO/ANP/ROBIN UTRECHT netherlands out – belgium out

A capture announced .. Instead of covering around 65 kilometers a day in the vastness of the sea and diving up to 150 meters deep, Morgan had to and still has to perform tricks for paying stupid visitors in an artificially diced orca group, and therefore it was often bitten and attacked by the other whales.

For years, the “Free Morgan Foundation” has been fighting in an international association of experts and NGOs that campaigns for Morgan to be released into the wild.

Biologists were able to locate their families in Norway by means of sounds.

Contrary to the current law on free-born orcas, Loro Park allowed Morgan, barely pubescent, to become pregnant, giving birth to Ula. In nature, she could have counted on the help of her aunts, sisters and mother. The baby would have been surrounded by the affection from her siblings in their pod, a family group guided by the matriarch.

There, locked in a pool, there is nothing that allows for a maternal attachment, northe least of support for a young mother from her family in these important moments.

Morgan and her daughter Ula

According to Loro Park, mother and daughter were very close in the first consecutive days at birth, and Morgan reported exemplary maternal instincts, not leaving her little one, Ula swimming at her side.

Shortly after, however, the park separated the mother from her daughter, first of all on the pretext that she had too little milk, then it was for safety reasons… After only three days!

Ula was isolated from her mother, bottle-fed by a human in a position that is unnatural…

Now Ula died on Tuesday in her prison, in the Loro Parque Aquarium.
Ula fell seriously ill several months ago.
An autopsy should provide information about the cause of death.

For Mother Morgan, as for any mother, this must be traumatic. Observations of orcas living in the wild show that these animals often take care of their deceased young for days.

Ula dead

It doesn’t take an autopsy to know that the desperation, stress and loneliness in captivity in a concrete tank have fatal consequences for orcas and often drive the animals to the point of suicide.

Loro Parque means: captivity for orca Morgan and chimpanzees, Dolphins ,Orcas, Gorillas, Jaguars, Lions ,Sea Lions, Marmosets, Otters, Anteaters, Sloths, Meerkats, Tigers, Red Pandas, Flamingos, Parrots, Penguins, Cranes, Fishes, Alligators, Iguanas, Tortoises…

Boycott Loro Parque!

The best thing to do would be to close this prison and all of the captured animals release into the wild

My best regards to all, Venus

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