The Power Of Kindness In Action – (Ex Bile Bears) Moon Bears Rescue and Homecoming. Restoring Faith In Humans.


Animals Asia had been caring for over a hundred bears on a former bile farm in Nanning, China for seven years. Until the day that all of us here at Animals Asia (and many of you too!) had been waiting for…

Finally, we were able to bring the Nanning bears home to our sanctuary in Chengdu, in what was the biggest bear rescue in history.

If you’ve seen the incredible short film above, you’ll know what a mammoth task it was, and how much work is now needed to rehabilitate and provide life-long care for these brave bears.

Will you help them on their road to recovery with a donation?

For years, these poor frightened bears suffered relentless, agonising bile extractions. The rest of the time they were mostly left in their tiny metal cages, with minimal food and water and nothing to keep them entertained.

Now that these ex-bile bears have left their concrete prison and made it safely through the sanctuary gates, we need to carry out urgent surgery, diagnostics, heart scans, ultrasounds and provide vital medicines – the cost of healing the hurts of all these gentle moon bears is daunting.

They’re finally free, but waiting to heal. Please, make an urgent donation today.

A very uplifting video – please give if you can, thank you.

Regards Mark

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