Minks Violently Slaughtered for False Lashes – Take Action.

Minks Violently Slaughtered for False Lashes – Take Action

Did you know that if you buy mink lashes, you’re buying fur? Minks are violently slaughtered and skinned for fur coats and other items – including false eyelashes like those sold by Lilly Lashes and Tatti Lashes.

False-eyelash companies Tatti Lashes and Lilly Lashes know that no one wants to buy vile animal fur, so they’re making misleading claims about their mink lashes: Tatti Lashes says that “no animals are harmed in the process of production” of its mink lashes, and Lilly Lashes markets some mink-fur lashes as “vegan”.

These companies know that mink fur comes from animals who live and die in agony – but instead of making a real difference for them by ending their sale of mink lashes, they hide behind misleading marketing.

Minks are intelligent, sensitive animals who enjoy spending their time swimming and climbing. Yet on fur farms, they’re kept inside filthy wire cages so small that they can take only a few steps in any direction, which can cause them to chew on their legs or tails out of frustration. They often suffer from open wounds and infections and receive no veterinary care. Fur farmers use the cheapest killing methods available, including neck-breaking, poisoning, genital electrocution, and suffocation.

Mink farms are designed to maximise profits, and farmers often have little regard for the well-being of the animals, as PETA’s exposés have repeatedly shown. Animals on fur farms are plagued by fear, stress, disease, parasites, and other physical and psychological hardships on a daily basis. These conditions also create breeding grounds for pathogens like the novel coronavirus. COVID-19 has already swept through fur farms, infecting minks and workers in North America and Europe, and the French and Dutch governments subsequently voted to close these facilities.

What You Can Do

Whether it’s a pair of false eyelashes or a coat, if you buy products made with mink fur, you’re supporting the cruel fur industry. Lilly Lashes and Tatti Lashes continue to sell mink-fur lashes, despite knowing how animals used for their fur are treated. Please help animals suffering right now by urging the companies to drop fur lashes immediately.

  1. Leave a polite comment on Tatti Lashes’ Facebook and Instagram accounts telling it to stop profiting from minks’ misery.
  2. Then fill out the form below to urge Lilly Lashes to ditch mink eyelashes:

And go to the following to take further action:

Minks Violently Slaughtered for False Lashes – Take Action | People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (peta.org.uk)


Regards Mark

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