269 Libération Animale: “animal liberation is a war and we attend to win it…”

Article by 269 Libération Animale


★ Telling this story means being indebted to our comrades.
Indebted to the animals we met in these places, a striking meeting causing a cry of anger in hour hearts.
Indebted to the non-human individuals we live with in our shelters, Indebted to all those forced workers whose very lives have become a commodity, those convicts who have paid and pay every day the price of our world.

We recognise our huge debt to them.

Because we are not the people concerned – the oppressed who suffer from the speciesist domination against which we rise up as accomplices – our words will always be too weak, almost vulgar, and certainly not up to the level of what the oppressed are living, nor of their infinite resistance; they will always be too weak to describe the beauty and strength of those moments when the oppressed and their accomplices have linked up to succeed in attacking the death machine and escaping from it.

We drop this text like a bomb.
We issue an injunction to action hoping to spread a powerful desire for direct action.
A text with a bomb-like effect, as beautiful as a firework.
For our enemies, words are as dangerous as gunpowder.

We have been in the thick of this action for a few weeks now.
After a long and difficult night, while we were sitting in the back in the straw with the calves, we finally crossed the border at dawn and could take off our hoods.

We all thought one thing: we will have to tell the story of that night. This is our duty.
A duty for those who are with us in the van and especially for those we let behind us.
A duty and a will to cause sparks ready to burst into flames.
Because animal liberation is a war and we attend to win it…
Because our tears are real and we feel so much pain in our hearts, but we are prepared to fight for it, to follow our words with actions.

★ Blowing on the fire to spread it.
However, we must admit that defending this point of view and calling for direct actions – that we would like to be massive and offensive -, is not easy facing the bourgeois pacifism and the harmlessness of veganism.
When this desire still exists among some of us, its political content is often polished and watered down, reduced to an aesthetic thing shared on social media.

But every direct action against the system of domination is an incendiary.
Now, we have to blow on the fire to make it spread…
Above all, this liberation proves that even in these times, it is still possible to act and to contribute to the construction of a revolutionary antispeciesist movement, getting rid of all reformism of all universalist and paternalistic aspirations – a movement and a fight belonging to the class struggle.

Reformists believe, or pretend to believe, that this society can be changed by rational and moral appeals to the dominant ones or by political means thanks to a legally elected government.
It is an illusion or a swindle.

There is no example in the history of emancipation movements where victories were won without real changes and revolutionary actions.
There will be no human or animal liberation as long as we do not have a systemic approach to domination.
We cannot claim victory when a few slaughterhouses are shut down for non-compliance with regulations.
Let’s get out of harmlessness and take concrete actions.

* All photos: 269 Libération Animale


And I mean…Those in power are insatiable. They will do anything – lie, cheat, steal, kill – to increase their power.
The system rewards this accumulation of power. It requires it.
The system itself is insatiable. It requires growth. It requires the ever-increasing exploitation of resources, including human and animal resources.

We often ask ourselves why this system does not stop trading animals like goods, enslaving them, torturing them and finally murdering them brutally.
Not even then, when strong undercover Videos expose the criminals.

It will not stop because it is the strong thing to do, else it would never have survivated.
The system will not stop so long as there is anything left for it to exploit.
It cannot.

As Ward Churchill says: “Grotesquely exploitative behavior is not something to be figured out.
It is something to be stopped.
The question is: what are we going to do about it?
After a lot of years in the animal rights movement we have learn a very important lesson: you cannot argue with abusers.
You will always lose!
In fact you’ve lost as soon as you begin (or more precisely as soon you respond to their provokations).
Because they cheat.
They lie.
They control the framing conditions for any “debate” and if you deviate from their script, they hurt you until you step back in line.
Therefore: The only way out of this system of exploitation is to smash it.
Not to engage resistance to opression, is to serve the interests of the opressor”.
Animals cannot do it.
What is the difference between human and animal slavery?
That one thing was abolished but not the other because we’ve always had it that way? and because the animals cannot do it themselves?
With 50-60% less slavery in the US, much would have been gained in 1850.
That’s why we can’t seriously say “I don’t ask for more” and pay tribute to the slave owners on the way.

Not to engage resistance to opression, is to serve the interests of the opressor.

My best regards to all, Venus

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