India: Videos of July 21 Rescues By ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’. Please donate Or Buy From the Shop If You Can – Thanks !

WAV Comment – we communicate all the time with Erika, a founder of AAU. Hopefully, we think she knows we respect and admire all the work and rescues which are undertaken by the AAU crew.

So here are a few videos of some latest rescues, as well as one where you can join the street treatment team as they go about their fantastic work. Love and respect to all at AAU.

Regards Mark


Dear Mark,

Earlier this month India celebrated Rakhi, honoring the bond between brothers and sisters, whether blood family, or chosen family.

Nanhi, featured in the little video here, has a “chosen family” too. Her neighbor feeds her, loves her, and makes sure if she is ill, she will get the help she needs. Because Nanhi gets plenty of petting, she was relaxed during the treatments she needed in Animal Aid after a painful ear wound. When animals are calm and secure, they also heal much faster.

For all for loving care you have made possible to those far from you in Animal Aid, thank you.

At first, Micky was afraid to be touched. Then everything changed!

Little Micky’s wound on his backside was large and extremely painful. Still energetic and optimistic, this precious boy seemed to have no idea that he was in grave danger and would have died without urgent rescue. His mother’s love would be a vital comfort to him, so of course we rescued them together, and his Mom’s face, within moments, seemed to express relief that they were now in safe, healing hands.

Watch now, as Micky’s fear turned into love.

Helping someone who is hurting feels so good. Please donate.

Join our Street Treatment team for the day!

Join us on the road as our Street Treatment medical team makes their daily rounds in the neighborhoods of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India!

You’ll see how much good medical care can be administered while sparing an animal the stress of entering the hospital, avoiding contact with infectious diseases and staying close to their friends and families. This video might also be especially interesting for those who don’t live in Udaipur to get a glimpse of the neighborhoods we work in.So hop on in and join us for a fascinating few minutes of loving care.

Support life-saving treatment today. Make a donation.

Sammy needed urgent help for his eye, and Animal Aid needed Sammy!

Few injuries are more horrible to imagine than a ruptured eye. The injury was likely caused by a passing vehicle hitting his head from behind. Exhausted from the pain, he put up no resistance to being rescued.

His eye could not be saved and needed to be surgically removed. Sammy woke from the procedure seeming to be immediately relieved, but only then did we realize, Sammy was blind in the other eye.

We’ve welcomed him to live for the rest of his life in the happy sanctuary of Animal Aid. What a snugglebug he has become, and we hope you’ll join us in falling in love with Sammy.

Love can lift someone out of suffering. Make a donation today

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Lookin’ good is fun again!

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