England: 8/9/21 – Badger Cull and ‘Geronimo’ Justice Demo at Defra HQ, London. Lets Get The Cull Stopped.

Following on from the latest article on UK badger culling by Venus –

Hunt Sabotage: “it’s a class war”! – World Animals Voice

Here is more news of a demo organised in London on 8/9/21 regarding the badger cull and in memory of Geronimo.  Get the re and support if you can !


1pm, Weds 8th September outside Defra HQ, 17 Smith Square, SWIP3JR.

Helen Macdonald, Dom Dyer + special guests speaking. Let’s make this huge & let Defra know the strength of global feeling & disgust at the execution of Geronimo

WAV articles associated with this issue:

England: Geronimo, Serbian Strays and Badgers. All Policy Victims Of Governments That Will Not Accept The Evidence. – World Animals Voice

England: Bovine TB Up By 130% – Higher Than When Badger Culls Began. Badgers Being Killed To Pacify Farmers; While They Take No Responsibility for Biosecurity. – World Animals Voice

England: What Good People Do For Wildlife – New Artificial Badger Sett Made For Schoolchildren; So They Can Learn About Badgers. – World Animals Voice

England: “Killing Geronimo is a PR Disaster for Defra” – Article By National Newspaper ‘The Independent’; London. – World Animals Voice

England: ‘Geronimo’ Has Been Murdered By The British Government and Sucked Up To By Ministry Vets. A VERY Big Mistake For The Future, And Government Hopes Of Re Election. George Eustace and Vet Middlemiss Need Their Butts Kicked Hard – And They Will Get It. – World Animals Voice

England: The Badger. – World Animals Voice

England: The Link Between Serbian Strays and UK Badger Culling – Killing Does Not Work, Despite What Governments Say. – World Animals Voice

Regards Mark

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