Serbia: Serbia – Brussels Walk To Promote Serbian Stray Animal Abuse.

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9/9/21 – today I was contacted by an old Serbian campaigner friend, named Goran.

We have both campaigned in the past for Serbian animals; especially regarding stray dogs and cats.

It was this issue which led me to setting up ‘Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)’ back in 2005.


Main link – Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) | a voice for the voiceless

About Serbian Animals – legislation etc – About Serbian Animals. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

About Us – About Us. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

We were both campaigner friends of the late Dr Slavica, who campaigned tirelessly for better animal welfare in Serbia.

In memory of Slavica Mazac-Bešlić – World Animals Voice

for Slavica Mazac-Bešlić – World Animals Voice

You can see a lot here about our campaign work:

Dr. Medicine Slavica Mazak Bešlić – A Dear Animal Campaigner Friend Lost Today. – World Animals Voice

We do not have much info at present and have asked Goran for more.  All we know is that it involves a walk for animals from Serbia to Brussels, Belgium, where formal letters of protest, demanding action in Serbia, will be handed in.  This will probably be late in the year – awaiting response for confirmation.

Serbia is not an EU member state yet but is a ‘candidate country’ to join up.

This is all we have at present, but will publish more when we have further info.

The situation for strays has always been bad for in Serbia, and still is; here below is a video made by Goran which shows a Serbian street dog which HAS been sterilised by welfare group Vier Pfoten and has been fitted with a red ear tag to clearly show this.  As the animal cannot reproduce more strays, it should be left alone.  But you can clearly se in the video that the dog has been darted by ‘shinters’ (dogcatchers) who are wearing balaclava masks and are opposite the dog, waiting to collect it and take it away to be killed.  As it is sterilised, and is clearly identified as such with the ear tag the shinters should leave animals such as this alone.  They do not – they kill everything.

We also have a SAV Facebook page with many hundreds of members.  It is a ‘talk shop’ for Serbian activists, as well as showing shelters and animals up for rehoming.

You can visit SAV Facebook at:

(20+) Serbian Animals Voice | Facebook

Learn more about the suffering of Serbian animals by visiting the sites;

Regards Mark

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