Dog fat and the “dog catcher mafia” in Slovakia

Report of the organization “Together for Animals” (Gemeinsam für Tiere)


Exactly a year ago, an undercover video exposed horrific animal cruelty and organized crime in Slovakia.
A mafia ring there kills strays to obtain dog fat.
We reported:

In 2021, a year later, the situation has not improved.
Although the authorities promised to drain the swamp of the dog-catching mafia, they continue to go about their hideous craft undisturbed and countless dogs are still caught and killed for this animal product, and in some cases even stolen from their adoptive parents.
We still strongly condemn the massacre of innocent dogs for dog fat.

These people have completely given up their humanity in favor of the disdainful mammon and organized crime.
The ring of these animal killers should finally be dug up and those who were prayed behind bars for a long time.

We appeal to Mario Kern, Director of the Department for Environmental Crime in Slovakia, the promise he made in 2020 to stop this madness, finally to make it come true and to act before even more innocent animal souls fall victim to the diabolical hustle and bustle.
Strays are also sensitive creatures, and not a commodity.

What they desperately need is a family with a daily can opener and a forever home to shelter.

That is why it is all the more important for expectant dog mums and dog dads to adopt animals from animal welfare and not to buy them from the breeder.

To protect the valuable life of dogs, please also sign this petition against the systematic killing of strays within the EU:
https: // /

And I mean…It is claimed that dog fat is said to be effective against tuberculosis bacilli. Against psoriasis, against wounds, against lung diseases … Dog fat is the miracle cure, and as always, animals fall victims to the altar of hocus-pocus medicine.

Almost anything can cure dog fat – except stupidity.

My best regards to all, Venus

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