UK: 1 In 5 Kids In The UK Are Vegan Or Want To Be, Survey Finds.

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1 In 5 Kids In The UK Are Vegan Or Want To Be, Survey Finds

Are young people leading the plant-based movement?

Nearly 60 percent of children in the UK are vegan or vegetarian or want to be, a new survey has found.

BBC Good Food surveyed 1,004 children between the ages of five and 16.

The global food media brand discovered that 8 percent of participants were eating a fully plant-based diet. A further 13 percent were vegetarian. 

Additionally, 15 percent of children said they would like to become vegan, and roughly one in five (21 percent) said the same about vegetarianism. 

Reports didn’t clarify what the children’s reasons were for eating plant-based food. But sustainability was on their minds for at least part of the research. The survey found that 44 percent of kids said they hope that no food is packaged in plastic in 10 years’ time. 

Christine Hayes, Editor of BBC Good Food, commented: “It was fascinating to survey children’s eating habits, behaviours and opinions around food.”

“They are passionate about exploring alternative diets and methods of food production that could be more sustainable for the planet,” Hayes added.

Young people leading the way

The recent findings reaffirm the widely held belief that young people are leading the charge toward plant-based living. 

A 2019 BritainThinks report concluded that Gen Z and Millenials are slightly more likely to be vegan than older age groups.

And earlier this week, it was reported that a majority of young people (aged 15 to 20) were taking action to help fight the climate crisis. Specifically, 26 percent of participants said they eat plant-based to help protect the planet.

1 In 5 Kids In The UK Are Vegan Or Want To Be, Survey Finds – Plant Based News

30% Of Brits Are Now Eating Less Or No Meat At All, New Survey Finds

Animal welfare, environmental, and health reasons are motivating Brits to adjust their diets

Anew survey has indicated that the eating habits of people in the UK are changing, with more individuals ditching meat in favor of vegan food. 

The survey

Market research website Appinio hosted the survey, which included 1,000 participants from the UK.

Five hundred women and 500 men took part, and the average age of participants was 41.1.

Just 68.6 percent of participants said they were omnivores.

Four percent were vegan, and 8.7 percent were vegetarian. These figures are notably higher than they have been in previous years. 

For instance, in 2019, research found that just over 1 percent of people in Great Britain identified as vegan. 

Eating more plan

The recent Appinio survey also found that 5.4 percent of participants were pescatarian (meaning they don’t eat meat besides fish). Further, 11.4 percent said they were flexitarian, referring to those who actively try to reduce their meat intake and eat primarily plant-based food. 

The survey asked participants whether they would consider replacing some of the meat in their diets with plant-based alternatives. Of the 800 participants who responded to the question, half said yes. And 6.8 percent said they ‘want to switch to plant-based meat entirely’.

Respondents also explained why they have purchased plant-based meat, dairy-free alternatives, or other vegan options in the past. The leading motivator was health, with 46.3 percent saying they believed the vegan options are better for you. 

Animal welfare and environmental reasons also played a part, with around a third of participants selecting those responses. 

30% Of Brits Are Now Eating Less Or No Meat At All, New Survey Finds – Plant Based News

Only 1 In 10 Young People Trust Adults To Help Solve The Climate Crisis

Young people are cutting energy and water use and eating plant-based for environmental reasons

Many young people are determined to tackle the climate crisis, new research shows, but don’t believe adults will step up to the plate. 

About the study

Analysis firm United Minds conducted the study on behalf of Electrolux, the world’s second-largest home appliance maker. 

Electrolux wanted to learn more about young people’s outlook on sustainable living, and use this information to guide its own environmental targets. The global study was made up of a quantitative survey as well as in-depth interviews. 

It included nearly 14,000 people aged 15 to 20. The respondents were from 13 countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Israel, Poland, Sweden, Thailand, UK, USA, and Vietnam.

The findings

More than half of the respondents felt that sustainability is the single most important issue faced by society today. And 59 percent said they are ‘very anxious’ about the matter.

Nearly 60 percent of young people said they are willing to ‘drastically’ change their lifestyle to protect the planet. Even more (74 percent) agreed that everyone must make a collective effort to become more sustainable. And young people predominantly trust in themselves to lead the charge towards a sustainable future, with 37 percent saying so.

Twenty-seven percent of respondents believed scientists will take on the responsibility, while 17 percent said influencers will. 

But only one in 10 participants thought adults will lead the way.

Notably, 43 percent of respondents felt that young people will actually solve the climate emergency.

Eco-friendly actions

The young participants were already taking action to lighten their load on the planet. Fifty-six percent were reducing energy use at home, without around half limiting food waste and recycling. 

Others were keeping water use down, buying second-hand clothes, and using eco-friendly transportation. Twenty-six percent of young people said they eat plant-based to help protect the planet. 

The research mirrors similar data surrounding young people, diet, and the climate. 

Gen Z and Millenials are the age groups that are mostly likely to be vegan or vegetarian, a BritainThinks report found. Further, it highlighted that more than a third of Gen Z vegetarians follow a meat-free diet for its lower impact on the planet. In general, Baby Boomers still consume the least amount of plant-based meat, according to a market report by Tastewise. But the trend is shifting. Tastewise found that Baby Boomers are consuming 57 percent more vegan meat compared to June 2019. Meanwhile, Gen X’s vegan meat consumption only increased by 4 percent in the last year. 

‘It’s their future at stake’

“We believe there’s a big opportunity in combining different perspectives in order to shape a better future,” Tove Chevalley, Head of Electrolux Innovation Hub, said in a statement. “That’s why we want to involve young minds already today, as the actions we take today will define the future they will live in.”

Chevalley continued: “As the study shows, young people have a very determinant and proactive mindset when it comes to sustainability, it’s their future at stake and they want to be part, or actually take lead, in creating solutions for the future home.”

Only 1 In 10 Young People Trust Adults To Help Solve The Climate Crisis – Plant Based News

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