UK (England): Secret Filming Shows (Hunting) Hounds Being Shot Dead At Hunt Kennels.

“I would question, and be concerned, that that dog was still sentient, and therefore had the ability to feel pain.””I would hope that the procedure was being done by a veterinary surgeon in a more humane way, by use of lethal injection, rather than bullet.”

Kennelmen and women have to make ‘terrible decisions’ when hounds reach the end of their working lives, says Charlie Jacoby of the Fieldsports Channel

Charlie Jacoby of the Fieldsports Channel, which covers hunting, shooting and fishing, said that while the kennelmen and women who look after hounds are devoted to them, they also have to be ‘unsentimental’ and make ‘terrible decisions’ at the end of their working lives.

“If you’re dealing with…hounds at scale, you’re going to have to deal with the end of their working life and that will probably mean, sadly – and it is a terrible job – putting them down”, Mr Jacoby said.Asked by ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn about whether there was a more humane way of killing hounds, Mr Jacoby said: “If you have got hounds that are born in a kennel and brought up in a kennel, taking them to a vet is an option, [but] the vet smells of death, of chemicals. It is far better to do it in a kennel, I would say.”

Responding to the footage, comedian and supporter of animal rights Ricky Gervais told ITV News: “It is so deeply upsetting that foxhounds are trained against their natural instinct to hunt foxes and when they catch them, rip them to pieces!”

“Then they are killed, usually by a shot to the head, by…someone who loves to chase and kill innocent animals. Both the hound and the fox become the victim of this cruelty. It’s insane, don’t you think?”

In a statement about the secret filming of the hounds being killed at its kennels, the Duke of Beaufort’s Hunt told ITV News: “A number of options are considered for every hound before any decision is made regarding their future, whether that is retirement or rehoming, either to a domestic environment or to another kennels where their country may be deemed more suitable for that individual hound.

“Occasionally hounds are successfully retired as domestic pets, but they are not house-trained and have only ever been used to living in a pack environment so the majority are unfortunately unsuitable for rehoming.

“Where other options are not available, hounds are humanely euthanised. This is done by trained professionals using lawful and approved methods.”


Alternative from another source:  Keep the Ban.

Beaufort Hunt – hound shooting exposé (


Duke Of Beaufort Hunt Shoots Dead Four Hounds.

Following a long running investigation carried out by the Hunt Investigation Team, supported by Keep The Ban, harrowing undercover footage has been released showing the Duke of Beaufort Hunt shooting dead four of their hounds. 

The shocking videos were acquired through a covert operation in which cameras were hidden within the kennels of what is one of the oldest and most prestigious hunts in the country. In the sickening footage, members of the hunt can be seen firing bullets into four hounds. 

You can watch the undercover footage below, but do so at viewers discretion, the footage is distressing and will upset most viewers.

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