“No animal wants to be tortured”-an excellent campaign!

The subject of cruelty to animals is taken up again and again by various organizations.
The Foundation for the “Animal in Law”, TIR, draws attention to this with posters showing animals in sadomasochism.

This three-year-old campaign by the“Animal in Law” foundation draws attention to animal cruelty with four eye-catching posters.

“In this country, too, countless animals live under illegal conditions and many animal welfare crimes are not investigated and punished appropriately or not at all. The public and the authorities must constantly raise awareness of these abuses », explains the foundation of its campaign in a message.

Under the slogan “No animal wants to be tortured”, the foundation designed four posters depicting animals in sadomasochistic costumes.
In order to attract attention with this concern, unusual and controversial ideas are always required.

“In contrast to humans, animals never have the opportunity to give their consent to a torturous act.
Rather, they are at the mercy of us and cannot stand up for their concerns themselves », so the thought behind the posters.
These show a cow, a dog, a cat and a parrot, wearing a leather suit, a whip and a gag.

The aim of the campaign is to implement animal-friendly laws and their «consistent enforcement».

The agency behind the posters, Ruf Lanz, has now designed a campaign for TIR for the fourth time.
The pictures were “of course all created on the computer”. TIR, based in Zurich, (Switzerland) has been campaigning for animal welfare on a national and international level for over twenty years.


In addition: It is the fourth campaign that Ruf Lanz has created for TIR. The previous campaigns such as “Some animals are treated like rubbish”, according to TIR manager Gieri Bolliger, “caused a lot of attention and sparked valuable debates about animal welfare – online and offline.”
In addition, the campaigns have received numerous awards, including with gold from the Art Directors Club Switzerland or twice with the Poster of the Year.

For the implementation of this campaign, Ruf Lanz was once again able to win over the Carioca Studio in Bucharest via Visualeyes International, which is one of the world’s best in CGI (Computer Generated Images).
In close cooperation with Ruf Lanz, all images were created entirely on the computer – not a single animal was twisted.

And I mean…Animals are at our mercy and cannot ward off violence and abuse by human hands themselves.
That is why it is very important, in addition to laws that are supposed to protect them, also to educate a population that does not look the other way when it comes to animal cruelty, but resolutely opposes it.

The images are shocking, but make injustice visible, trigger emotions, appeal to our conscience and activate it

My best regards to all, Venus

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