Unprecedented operation on La Palma: rescue of the dogs trapped in the lava with drones

Emergency services have discovered dogs trapped in the middle of the lava flows of the Cumbre Vieja on the Spanish island of La Palma.
The overland route to the animals is cut off by volcanic activity. Helpers now take care of the four-legged friends from the air by drone.

The Cabildo de La Palma thanked two local companies, Ticom Soluciones and Volcanic Life, who had been using a drone to transport food and water for the animals trapped by the lava in the Todoque plateau for five days.

The Councilor for Security and Emergencies, Nieves Rosa Arroyo, said in a statement that this situation was discovered five days ago and that after the relevant security studies were carried out, Ticom Soluciones SL. and Volcanic Life were entrusted with the task of supplying water with the help of drones.

The city councilor also highlighted the work of these companies, which selflessly made themselves available for emergencies and whose work was of fundamental importance in locating and caring for the animals.

📌El agua y la comida está garantizada a los animales atrapados en Todoque

➡️Las empresas Ticom Soluciones S.L y Volcanic Life llevan cinco días alimentando a los animales mediante un dron que transporta comida y agua

🧷Más info: https://t.co/5D3qMjOFhb#MásFuertesQueElVolcán pic.twitter.com/SFaS8sr2AF

— Cabildo de La Palma (@CabLaPalma) October 12, 2021

They also have veterinary advice on how to choose the most appropriate feed and water supply in this type of situation.

Both companies have announced that they will continue this work as long as weather and safety conditions permit, as these areas cannot be reached by land due to the high temperatures near the lava flows.

The steering committee of the Volcanic Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands (Pevolca), once received the formal request for rescue of the dogs trapped in the exclusion zone by the eruption and after analyzing the action plan presented by the entity, has decided to authorize the possible rescue of animals with drones

Leales.org points out that more than two tons of the latest technology worth 60,000 euros have been transferred to La Palma.

There are three drones, one of cargo for the transfer of materials or rescue of the dogs, another drone with a 30x camera to scan the area and verify the safety of the operation, and the third is a specific drone with a thermal camera to know which is the route where there is less heat, in addition to the study of the terrain.



We want to express great praise to the rescue workers on the island, but also to city councilor Nieves Rosa Arroyo!
Apparently for these people it is not only human life that counts as worthy to save, but every life on the island.
And they did it quickly, effectively and professionally.

Thank you on behalf of the animals!

My best regards to all, Venus

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