India: Some October Rescues From the Amazing Crew at ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.


Dear Mark,

It feels like forever since the smiling faces of wonderful volunteers could be seen in all corners of our shelter, spreading joy to so many animals. We’re reading in the newspapers that tourist visas and flights to India will soon be opening up again. The Indian Home Ministry has not issued an official statement yet but the murmurings seem hopeful.

What a thrill it gives us to imagine welcoming our friends back (that means you!), and to witness the magical effect you’ll have on the animals, who will wag and wiggle at the sound of your voices even as you enter the gates!

Blessing’s beautiful recovery

Meet beautiful Blessing. He is one of the gentlest angels we’ve ever met.He’s healthy now, after weeks of daily wound cleaning and new bandages, good food and cheerful days. But oh, has he suffered. Bred for and born into labor, this young donkey never had a chance to experience life as a care-free little soul. He would have spent every day under an almost unbearable load, often managed by children too young for such immense responsibility, who are not educated about animal sentience or welfare. 

Thanks to your help we continue to rescue and rehabilitate injured donkeys, educate their owners and sensitize the community about animal welfare.

Make a donation today to help donkeys in need.

Meet the most gracious, polite little dear on earth.

Mange Survivor Monty!

Even when this darling old boy was in excruciating pain, he was gentle, kind and considerate. From the first moment he saw our rescue team, he seemed to want to put his life in our hands. Every day of his 6 week treatment for severe mange, his humble nature only gave pleasure to others. Cured of mange, neutered and a little fattened up, meet mighty old Monty now!

Make a donation today!

On the move with most cheerful orphan Pixie

Pixie is a bounding, beautiful little girl. But she wouldn’t have survived without lots of helping hands. We rescued Pixie’s mother for a wound on her hoof and later she gave birth at Animal Aid. Sadly, Pixie’s mother was too weak and she passed away a few days later, leaving her beautiful newborn baby in our care to raise.

Pixie has flourished with the other orphans who snuggle together day and night. Many of her new friends are baby bulls who were cast out by owners, often just days old, because allowing them to feed from their mother would cost the owner in milk sales. Bull calfs have no value in the dairy business and are usually sold for leather, or cast out onto the street to die.

Pixie will live permanently in our love and care thanks to your kindness, with zero commercial use, and 100 percent love.

Please donate to support Pixie and other animals in sanctuary.

Kindness, patience and a little luck:

Dena’s Recovery

How this beautiful girl managed to drag herself out of the road after being hit by a vehicle, we will never know. She suffered a serious spine injury that left her completely unable to bear weight. Not just for a few days, but for 8 weeks of physiotherapy and bed-rest. We named her Dena, which means “to give” in Hindi.No matter how low she felt, when she couldn’t move her legs or her body, her eyes showered her caregivers with love.Her rehabilitation was so slow that we were losing hope: with full sensation in her toes, we expected her to try to stand long before she did. But one fine day, 2 months after the accident with very little apparent progress, Dena was ready. All by herself, this brave girl stood and took her first trembling steps. And that was just the beginning of what has become a complete, beautiful recovery. Meet strong sweetheart Dena now!

Accidents can take an animal’s joy.

Kindness can give it back. Please donate.

Masks might be off or on,

but lookin’ good is a “must”!

Your purchase helps save the lives

of ill and injured street animals.

Shop here now – Animal Aid Unlimited Shop

Regards Mark

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