UK: COP26 – ‘You Can’t Be A Meat-Eating Environmentalist’ Declares New (Bus) Campaign (In Glasgow) Aimed At COP26. Go Vegan !! – Also, Don’t Have Blood On Your Hands !

New Bus Campaign Urges World Leaders At COP26 To Go Vegan To Save The Planet

‘You Can’t Be A Meat-Eating Environmentalist’ Declares New Campaign Aimed At COP26

WAV Comment: Credit where it is due – we know its politics and votes at the end of the day, but we will say clearly that Boris Johnson – UK Prime Minister (and NO relation – a surname only thing !) is trying his best to do something about the global environmental issue. It is the Chinese and Russian leaders who are not even attending who are showing their real national colours about a situation that effects the entire planet and every one of us.

Other leaders, like Scott (I love fossil fuels like coal) Morrison, the PM of Australia, have been hauled kicking and screaming to the conference; not wanting to, but being given little choice really by HM the Queen, and other (British) commonwealth politicians who are all doing their bit to improve the global situation.

Scott Morrison – I love coal !, sod the climate.

Anyway, the excellent bus campaign now adorning buses around the streets of Glasgow, venue for the conference; urging people to go vegan for the sake of the planet; is sending a message loud and clear on the streets of the conference venue.

Well done all concerned.

Regards Mark

COP26 has come under fire for its decision to serve meat, including beef, at the upcoming summit

New Bus Campaign Urges World Leaders At COP26 To Go Vegan To Save The Planet – Plant Based News

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has launched a campaign aimed at the world leaders attending COP26 this year. The initiative urges them to go vegan for the sake of the planet – a message that’s sent loud and clear via the sides of half a dozen buses. 

PETA, said to be the largest animal rights organization in the world, launched the campaign in Glasgow, where the United Nations’ climate change conference is being held this year. It’s the 26th event of its kind.

The advertisement will appear on buses that run through the city center, including past the Scottish Event Campus where COP26 will take place from October 31 to November 12, 2021.

“You can’t be a meat-eating environmentalist. Take Personal Responsibility: Go Vegan,” the bus ads reads. The campaign will run until November 14.


COP26 unites world leaders with the shared goal of protecting the planet from the escalating climate emergency. There, they will conjure up strategies to reduce emissions, pollution, and deforestation, for example.

But some have criticized COP26 for overlooking the food system’s impact on the planet. Animal farming practices, in particular, are resource-intensive and responsible for huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions

As a consequence, environmentalists have called on the conference to serve only vegan food. 

However, despite promising to focus on plant-based meals, COP26’s menu still features dishes like turkey, salmon, and beef. The latter has repeatedly been identified as one of the most destructive foods to produce.

“The UN has stated that a global shift to vegan eating is necessary to combat the worst effects of climate change,” commented PETA Senior Campaigns Manager Kate Werner. “PETA’s ad blitz is a wake-up call to anyone who can look at a plate of sausage or black pudding without considering the environmental impact of these foods – or the animals who suffered for them.”



Regards Mark

AND ….

Shoppers Caught Out By Hand Sanitiser ‘Filled With Blood’ In Vegan Stunt

With the government not ‘taking the climate crisis seriously’ the activists took it into their own hands – by getting fake blood on others’

Vegan activists are hijacking hand sanitizer stations outside meat and fast-food stores with fake blood. It’s hoped the ‘caught red-handed’ scheme will encourage people to rethink their food choices and go vegan.

Hand sanitizers filled with fake blood

Activists took to south London this week, where they positioned hand sanitizer stations outside McDonald’s and KFC outlets, as well as a butchery.

As customers left venues in Brixton and Clapham high street, they went to clean their hands only to be met with fake blood.

While many were shocked, others welcomed the stunt. And one shopper reportedly said they would consider cutting down their meat intake.

The activists, known only as Jane and Gaby, said the point was to leave people’s consciences stained as well as their hands.

Moreover, McDonald’s and KFC were chosen as meat features heavily on their menus.

Activists encourage public to go vegan

In a statement sent to PBN, the activists said: “We thought that if the government isn’t going to take the climate crisis seriously and the role that the consumption of meat plays in this, then we would have to get the general public to take notice.

“We thought hand sanitizing stations were perfect as it taps into a current everyday behavior.

“And, also doubles up as a metaphor to show that the responsibility of eating less meat is in everyone’s individual hands.”

Regards Mark

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