Day: November 26, 2021

Big cats in South Africa – Bred for death

Report: Together for the animals

A new surveillance video that was leaked to “Four Paws” shows the true extent of the horrific big cat breeding in South Africa.
The images show countless of these sensitive animals in completely overcrowded and dirty cages and enclosures.

Experts assume that around 12,000 lions and an unreported number of tigers suffer this fate in South Africa.
And they were born just to die.

The country rose to become today’s largest exporter of big cats and their body parts in the world.
The majority is sold to China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

Not only does the absolutely unspecific breeding of animals cause unspeakable animal suffering, no, it also promotes species extinction and the development of zoonoses.
Quote from Fiona Miles, director of “Four Paws” South Africa:

“The images show that tigers in South Africa are intensively bred for commercial purposes and that enormous animal suffering is caused in the process.”
But unfortunately not just tigers.

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