Day: November 15, 2021

Birds of prey and owls on German zoos-a life in clains

Photographs taken between June and October from various German zoos where birds of prey were kept show that the “rulers of the skies” are literally vegetating there.

With the exception of rehabilitation measures in recognized rescue centers, the animals have NOTHING to look for in captivity – they belong in the wild. That is why tethering birds of prey and owls must be prohibited in Germany! ❌

In many zoos and falconries, birds of prey and owls are chained to present them to the public.
In this so-called tethered posture, the wild birds are usually tied to a block of wood with a short leather strap for hours or even days.
The animals are only allowed to move for a short time during air shows or when the falconers “grant them free flight”.

Everything that defines their life in freedom is taken from the animals.
For many of them, this is probably the main form of keeping for months.

A sad life in chains

The animals spend most of their lives on a leash close to the ground.
When the tethered wild birds try to fly, they are torn back by the leather strap on their feet.
A few short hops between the seats are all you can get around most of the time.
Some animals also nibble on their ankle cuffs to free themselves.

According to the current guidelines for keeping birds of prey and owls in Germany, it is even permissible to only let the animals fly briefly every other day in this type of keeping.

According to a study of air shows with birds of prey in Great Britain, the birds were only able to move freely for an average of 11 minutes during the flight demonstrations, so they were tied up for the majority of the day.

Why are birds of prey and owls tied up?

In this form of keeping, falconers have easier “access” to the tied animals, as the birds do not have to be taken out of the aviaries.
Birds such as hawks, eagles and eagle owls are used in the zoos on sightseeing flights and thus abused for entertainment purposes.

Sometimes the animals also have to serve as an attraction in order to be held or even petted by visitors for selfies.
For the stress-sensitive wild birds, this forced contact with humans is associated with enormous stress.
The research recordings also show that owls, which are mostly active at night or at dusk, are often used for demonstrations during the day, contrary to their natural rhythm of activity.

In Austria, the permanent tethering of birds of prey for air shows is already prohibited, as this represents a massive restriction for the animals.
In addition, birds of prey and owls are abused by falconers to hunt other animals – such as rabbits or pigeons – and thus degraded to living weapons.

Tethering birds of prey and owls must be prohibited

Currently (as of November 2021) a revision of the outdated guidelines for keeping birds of prey and owls is planned (“Minimum requirements for keeping birds of prey and owls” from 1995).
However, tethering, which is cruel to animals, is likely to remain allowed under pressure from the falconry and zoo associations.

In November 2021, we at PETA Germany reported those responsible for eight German zoos with raptors for alleged violations of the Animal Welfare Act.
According to Section 2 No. 1 of the Animal Welfare Act, an animal must be nourished, cared for and housed appropriately according to its type and needs.
In the “falconry” tethered system, birds of prey and owls are considerably restricted in their natural flight behavior.

These zoos with tethering were displayed by us:

Kurpfalz-Park Wachenheim (Rhineland-Palatinate)
Sababurg Zoo (Hesse)
Wildlife and Leisure Park Willingen (Hesse)
Edersee Wildlife Park (Hesse)
Wildparadies Tripsdrill (Baden-Wuerttemberg)
Tambach Castle Wildlife Park (Bavaria)
Wisentgehege Springe (Lower Saxony)
Gangelt Wildlife Park (North Rhine-Westphalia)

We are committed to ensuring that tethering of birds of prey and owls is prohibited in Germany.

With the exception of rehabilitation measures in recognized rescue centers, birds of prey and owls have no business in captivity.
They belong in freedom.

And I mean…Many ignorant, uninformed parents fall victim to the dirty advertising that these companies are selling on the Internet and rush to the “open air” prisons with their children because they see them as part of their entertainment and want to take selfies with the wild objects so that they have the wild objects in the family album
Like many millions of other animals, these wild birds are deprived of their freedom to entertain stupid zoo and park visitors for a lifetime.

Rights and dignity are tacitly reserved exclusively for humans and are seldom granted or even completely denied to non-human animals.

My best regards to all, Venus

UK (Scotland): How the ‘Eat Local’ Food Myth Led to COP26’s Menu Failure.

WAV Comment:   Thanks as always to Stacey at Our Compass for sending us the article.

This is of special interest as I (Mark) have been dealing with the issue of plant based foods (or not) on the menu at COP26.  See the link here:

October 8th;

England: Vegan Food At COP26. Why None ? – WAV Now Write To MP and Ask Him To Contact Mr Sharma For Responses. Keep Ramping It Up Sort Of Thing ! – World Animals Voice

Today (15/11) I have still had nothing back from anyone associated with my request to my MP / Alok Sharma.

UK: Ever Visited Your GP With A Cough And Then Been Prescribed 20 Cigarettes A Day ? – World Animals Voice

UK: UN COP26 Climate Summit – vegan eating can reduce food-related carbon emissions by 73%. Eating meat and dairy is part of what got us into this mess. So Why No Vegan Food At the Summit ???? – Take Action Below. – World Animals Voice

UK: COP26 – ‘You Can’t Be A Meat-Eating Environmentalist’ Declares New (Bus) Campaign (In Glasgow) Aimed At COP26. Go Vegan !! – Also, Don’t Have Blood On Your Hands ! – World Animals Voice

The article below shines a lot more light on the food / menu served at COP26 – I think you will find it interesting; info which goes above and beyond the fancy spin put out at the conference to make us normal people think that they, the conference goers are all so plant based environmentalists.

Please read and absorb.

Here is a link to actions undertaken by Viva! (England) which also relate to COP26 activism:

Viva! Campaigns Newsletter (

More reading:

Regards Mark


Stopping animal exploitation does not require any human benefit, people don’t need profit to be opposed to human exploitation, the same is true for animals. However, given that nonvegans live on a planet hurtling towards destruction and potential extinction, you would hope people would at least embrace a plant-based diet, if not for them, then for their children.

Using plastic straws and reducing animal consumption is the same as doing nothing. it’s meaningless “baby steps” that will result in the same planetary destruction: don’t pretend to support the disingenuous nonsense that consuming animals is “environmentally friendly”, the scientific data has proven time and again that consuming NO animals is ideal for the environment despite the cherry-picking animal farmers/consumers/execs desperately manipulate to satisfy their greedy agendas: as I have asked previously, if you’re vegan, where will you get the decomposing flesh, rotten blood, bacteria, parasites, disease, necrotic organs, feces, gore, and pus to maintain an environmentally stable position? See? Ludicrous.

I’m not asking anyone to do more than I do, but even if you don’t care about justice or decency for animals – for whom veganism is a moral imperative versus a plant-based diet – at least care about the human ones. SL

Source Sentient Media

By Caroline Christen

he 2021 United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) hosted by the UK in Glasgow is drawing to a close. As the conference unfolded, environmental advocates criticized COP26 for serving animal products instead of a more climate-friendly, plant-based menu.

While the COP26 menu includes vegan haggis, mushroom risotto, and lasagna topped with plant-based cheddar, it also offers beef burgers and haggis made from sheep offal. More than half of the menu’s items contain meat, dairy, fish, and eggs, according to Levy, the company in charge of catering at COP26.

Despite the accelerating climate crisis, yet another COP conference chose to serve attendees some of the world’s most climate-damaging foods. A closer look reveals that livestock producers were selected as suppliers for a simple reason: being based within 100 miles of Glasgow. The COP26 menu failure is a direct result of the “Eat Local” myth, the misguided belief that locally sourced foods are ecologically superior to imported foods regardless of their other qualities.

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Spain: 16,000 partridges bred to be shot by hunters

ANSE denounces the release of 16,000 farm partridges for hunting in championships
The organization points out that the mass release of captive-bred species endangers biodiversity.

The Association of Southeast Naturalists has denounced the authorization issued by the general director of the Natural Environment, Fulgencio Perona, to 29 hunting societies for the release of 16,000 partridges from farms a few days ago after the opening of the general small hunting business period.

The environmental organization considers that this type of practice “moves away from an acceptable hunting management and seeks to cover up the situation of decline of the red partridge, allowing massive releases of animals born in captivity, being a practice more typical of intensive reserves.”

The fate of these captive-bred partridges is to be killed on the morning of their release, so it would be practices similar to those developed in intensive reserves, to which this organization has been showing its opposition for a long time.

In these places, “instead of managing and taking advantage of populations of wild animals, specimens raised on farms for that purpose are killed.”

And I mean…Hunters are not just professional killers, they are professional liars too
Hunters LIE when they say they control overpopulation this way.
It’s not about reducing overpopulation – not even about meat production – they could kill the tame animals with a knife.

The animals should be shot in flight because it’s so much fun. None of these criminals is interested in the fact that most animals are badly hit and that the injured are often attacked by hunting dogs.
That is terrible cruelty to animals.

Unfortunately, it is not forbidden for a hunter to hold thousands of breeding birds in order to shoot them.
As long as no one knows what’s going on out there, hunters have absolute freedom.

And even if the public learns about it and some press portals report about it, authorities and municipalities hurry to protect this violent and bloody action in many ways.

For this reason: everything that is practiced with the purpose of sneaky shooting down animals– including canned hunting, the release of farmed pheasants, year-round feeding of deer and the killing of animals of endangered species – is the worst animal cruelty and must be prohibited by law.

P.S: For everyone who cannot imagine such a killing gate, here is a short video example from “Association against animal factories” (VgT, Austria )where in less than a minute it becomes clear what massacre it is and what sadistic fun it is.
Many animals on the run have broken jaws and open injuries, and some are tortured to death by dogs.

My best regards to all, Venus