Day: November 4, 2021

On the Brink – Climate Change Famine: the Situation in Madagascar; and S(hell) CEO Gets a Totally Deserved Roasting From a Climate Activist.


Must watch:

On the brink – climate change famine:

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Personally, I (Mark) think the Shell CEO needs to be made to sit and watch all of the above videos; he caused it; the little children to suffer because of utter muck like him.

This person is crap; but as the activist shows in the following brilliant attack, she does not let him get away with talking crap, which he specialises in (see video below).

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Or to put it another way; big shit talk from the big Shell CEO:

UK; Twas The Night Before COP26 – British Comedian Joe Lycett Holds ‘Shell’ (Oil Giant) To Account For Their Green Sales Techniques. He Literally Talks Shit ! – World Animals Voice

For the innocents of Madagascar

Regards Mark

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Poland: Green REV Institute Urges Polish President to Introduce Carbon Pricing for Food.

Green REV Institute urges Polish President to introduce carbon pricing for food

4 November 2021

Green REV

Just ahead of the UN Climate Summit (COP26), a press briefing was held at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw where Green Rev Institute and Democracy Action delivered an open letter to President Andrzej Duda from the international coalition “Carbon Pricing for Food”.

In the letter, numerous organisations from all over the world appeal to on the presidents of 50 UN member states to introduce fair prices for animal products (meat and dairy) that take into account the costs of their negative impact on the climate. 

Reducing industrial animal production, which accounts for over 14% of greenhouse gas emissions, is one way to meet the Paris Agreement goals, which Poland also ratified in 2015. 

At the same time, the organisations call for lower prices for plant products and compensation for farmers who turn to more sustainable plant-based food production.

Healthy food should be available here and now. That’s why we must stop subsidising animal production in our taxes: meat, dairy, eggs. Animal agriculture is responsible for nitrous oxide and methane emissions, for deforestation, for pollution and excessive use of water, for the decline in biodiversity and for lifestyle diseases (…) Therefore, together with NGOs and companies from all over the world, we turn to President Andrzej Duda to support the transformation of the food system and to support all actors in this process: farmers, consumers, decision-makers and politicians. It’s time for real leadership to change and fix the broken food system

Anna Spurek, COO of Green REV Institute

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Read our report: The EU campaigns to promote meat, eggs and dairy

Regards Mark

EU Invests €2m to Develop Cultivated Beef for Commercial Markets.

Photo – Like Meat

EU invests €2m to develop cultivated beef for commercial markets

3 November 2021


Funding from a Covid recovery package that was set up by the European Commission, known as React-EU, has been granted to two Dutch food firms – Nutreco and Mosa Meat – attempting to lower the costs of growing meat in vitro.

The React-EU package (Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and the Territories of Europe) was first established in December 2020, setting aside €50.6bn in funding for countries to adopt a greener and more sustainable economic recovery in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The collaborative project “Feed for Meat” aims to address one of the the leading challenges in cultured meat development; affordability. The grant will fund research and development on lower-cost and sustainable nutrients for the base media in which the beef cells grow in order to make production more commercially viable for European markets.

According to an independent Life Cycle Analysis study, cultivated beef production is projected to reduce climate impact by 92%, air pollution by 93%, use 95% less land and 78% less water when compared to industrial beef production.

The project was ranked first place in this highly-competitive scheme, which received over 60 funding applications – yet another indicator that cellular agriculture has a critical role to play in helping the European Union meet the robust goals of the Farm to Fork strategy within the Green Deal.

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France: Tribute to Doctor Jean-Pierre Kieffer – A Man Dedicated To Improving Slaughter Conditions.

Tribute to Doctor Jean-Pierre Kieffer

29 October 2021


Eurogroup for Animals would like to pay tribute to Doctor Jean-Pierre Kieffer, former President of OABA in France, who has dedicated years of his life to improve slaughter conditions in France.

It is with deep sadness that we have learned of the passing of Doctor Jean-Pierre Kieffer.

Doctor Jean-Pierre Kieffer initiated the representation of French associations at Eurogroup for Animals, and he was at the origin of the Foundation’s entry into this international coalition.

We extend our deepest condolences to his family and to the OABA team.

And also from us at WAV – Thank You Sir.

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Adieu, Jean-Pierre – OABA

Regards Mark