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EU-Committee on Agriculture: “foie gras production respects animal welfare criteria”!

European Parliament AGRI Committee vote fails to promote animal welfare

27 October 2021-News-Eurogroup for Animals

In a disappointing move for animals, the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament adopted draft implementation report by Jeremy Decerle (Renew Europe, FR) on on-farm animal welfare.

Contradicts Farm To Fork

The report calls for future EU-wide animal welfare legislation that would be uniformly transposed in all Member States, but falls short of the Farm to Fork (F2F) ambition for a strong, improved animal welfare acquis with a broad revision of all existent regulations and directives.

Concentrates on economic interests of farmers

Whil it promotes the European Citizens’ Initiative to “end the cage age” (??), it continuously refers to farmers’ compliance with animal welfare standards as an “extra burden”.

Promotes further cruel production of foie gras 

A disappointing amendment downplaying the intensivity and suffering of animals subjected to foie gras production wriggled its way into the report. The amendment claims that foie gras production respects animal welfare criteria (!!)

An overtly contradictory statement considering ducks and geese subjected to foie gras production are force fed and their bodies pushed beyond their biological parameters, resulting in intense pain, fear and suffering.

Amendments addressing the tragic practice of killing male chicks were also voted down.

Labelling remains voluntary 

Labelling is a fundamental tool to ensure farmers receive fair compensation for improved animal welfare measures on farms and enable consumers to purchase products that align with their animal welfare ethics.

A mandatory “Method of Production +” (MOP+) label across all animal products and including rearing, transport and slaughter is key.

Unfortunately, MEPs decided to let the labelling of animal products remain voluntary, leaving dangerous room for manoeuvre to farmers and the industry.

Despite being a report on “on-farm animal welfare”, it does not go the distance to reflect its title. Instead, it tries to sugarcoat the realities of the changes that truly need to be implemented.

We need farmers to be ambitious and take a main role in implementing the F2F goals. The report will be voted on in plenary, possibly during the December session.

And I mean…What can one expect from an EU Parliament member who is also the chairman of the French agricultural union federation (Fédération nationale des syndicats d’exploitants agricoles)?

Quote: “While it promotes the European Citizens’ Initiative to” end the cage age “it continuously refers to farmers’ compliance with animal welfare standards as an “extra burden”.

What a hypocritical gang this EU is …

On April 15, 2021 the public hearing of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “End the Cage Age” took place in the European Parliament – we thought great!
During the three-hour meeting, the three EU Commissioners present welcomed the initiative with blah, blah, blah, with confidence that the Commission will govern quickly and positively and that “the initiative is an excellent example of democracy at its best Shape .”

Result:At some point the Commission will examine whether the proposed legislation will come into force in 2027 !!”

Meanwhile, the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development is creating its own business; for example deciding that foie gras meets all animal welfare criteria and rejecting amendments to end the brutal slaughter of male chicks.

If meat producers and agro-industry lobbyists occupy the most important positions in this unrestrained apparatus, no one can trust anyone to do something good for the animals

My best regards to all, Venus

USA: ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic Says He Has ‘Aggressive Cancer’.

‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic says he has ‘aggressive cancer’

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The man known as “Tiger King,” who gained fame in a Netflix documentary following his conviction for trying to hire someone to kill an animal rights activist, says he has cancer.

“It is with a sad face that I have to tell you … that my prostate biopsy’s came back with an aggressive cancer,” Joe Exotic, who is being held at a federal prison in Fort Worth, Texas, wrote on a Twitter post Wednesday.

The blond mullet-wearing former Oklahoma zookeeper, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is known for his expletive-laden rants on YouTube and a failed 2018 Oklahoma gubernatorial campaign.

He was prominently featured in the popular documentary “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.”

He was sentenced to 22 years in prison in 2020 after being convicted for violating federal wildlife laws and a failed murder-for-hire plot targeting Carole Baskin, who runs a rescue sanctuary for big cats in Florida.

A three-judge panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit in Denver in July ordered Maldonado-Passage be resentenced to a shorter term, finding that the trial court wrongly treated the two convictions separately in calculating his prison term.

‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic says he has ‘aggressive cancer’ (

USA: ‘Greatest Show On Earth’ Circus May Return Without Animals.

‘Greatest Show On Earth’ circus may return without animals

October 27, 2021

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Four years after the “Greatest Show On Earth” shut down, officials are planning to bring back the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus — without animal acts.

An announcement is expected sometime next year, according to Nicole Zimmerman, a spokesperson for Feld Entertainment Inc. of Ellenton, Florida.

The three-ring circus shut down in May 2017 after a 146-year run.

Costly court battles with animal rights activists led circus officials to end elephant acts in 2016. Without the elephants, ticket sales declined. Officials also blamed increased railroad costs, and the rise of online games and videos, which made the “Greatest Show On Earth” not seem that great anymore.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which was behind many of the protests, said it is thrilled with the concept of a circus without animal acts.

“The exciting announcement sends a powerful message to the entire industry, something that PETA’s been saying for decades: Cruelty doesn’t belong in the circus or in any other form of entertainment,” the organization told the Herald-Tribune.

PETA and other groups maintained for years that the circus mistreated the animals featured in its shows.

‘Greatest Show On Earth’ circus may return without animals (

I dont think we have any problem with people enjoying themselves at the circus – as long as there is all the fun but without the animal abuse that has happened in the past, and still continues with some.

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Scotland UK: We Sold Out of Every Vegan Bake ! – and Police Praise, 22 Only Arrested in March of Over 100,000 Campaigners.

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Police praise good natured campaigners

COP26: Police praise ‘good natured’ marchers in Glasgow – BBC News

Police have praised the majority of “good natured” marchers who took part in one of Glasgow’s largest protests in memory.

About 100,000 took part in the procession from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green on Saturday.

Officers made 22 arrests – one after a socialist group were contained and the rest after protesters chained themselves on a bridge.

Crowds swiftly dispersed after speeches concluded leaving little litter behind.

Police later told the BBC there were no major incidents following the event.

‘We sold out every vegan bake’

Arouge Salin
Arouge Salin served cakes and coffee to queues of shivering marchers on Saturday

Arouge Salin has worked at the Brave Bakers coffee shop on Saltmarket for around two months.

It was one of the few businesses in the area that had opted to stay open on Saturday – a move that paid off as tens of thousands of activists walked by.

The 25-year-old was one of three members of staff behind the counter delivering cinnamon twists and hot coffee to shivering customers who had been soaked in the rain.

“It started off quiet, but we had a queue outside the shop until the walk passed – it was non-stop from 15:30 until 18:00, and we normally shut at 17:30.

“We sold out of everything vegan – which never happens. The only thing we had left was our chicken and bacon bake which is usually the first thing to go.

“And we sold so many coffees that our machine jammed. I think people just wanted something warm.”

‘No problems’ with litter

Council crews and event organisers took part in the clean up operation on Sunday morning.

A yarn installation depicting flowers and bees at the entrance to Glasgow Green was removed by the council due to “high winds and wet weather”.

Glasgow Green

There was also a knitted sign which read “we’re watching you” – a phrase which has appeared on Extinction Rebellion campaign material.

A council spokeswoman said: “It is currently in storage for the owner to collect if they so wish.”

They added that overall, no problem areas had been identified and no “hotspots” were reported.

Glasgow Green

Glasgow Green on Sunday morning – a huge tribute to the respect of the environmental campaigners – others should take note of this !

Regards Mark

A Chance for European Citizens to End the Shark Fin Trade.


Every year, tens of millions of sharks end up in the fin trade.Credit…Isaac Lawrence/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

A chance for European citizens to end the shark fin trade

4 November 2021

A group of citizens from across Europe have united and demand the end of the shark fin trade in the European Union (EU), so as to increase the protection of sharks. This trade relies on the cruel, unethical practice of cutting the fins off sharks and discarding the animal back into the ocean, oftentimes while it is still alive.

Every year, between 63 and 273 million sharks are killed, and many species are increasingly threatened worldwide. Europe is one of the major players in the global fin trade. Globally, sharks are targeted for their meat and liver oil, but the biggest threat remains shark finning. The steep erosion of shark populations across the globe has severe impacts, as many sharks are ‘apex predators’ and play an active role in maintaining healthy and productive marine ecosystems. Sharks commonly have their fins removed while alive on fishing boats, and are then left to asphyxiate or returned to die in the water.

The ‘Stop Finning — Stop the Trade’ European Citizens’ Initiative began collecting signatures on 1 February 2020. EU citizens have until 31 January 2022 to support the requested change by collecting one million votes to demand the end of shark fin trade in the European Union.

Specifically, EU citizens call to “end the trade of fins in the EU including the import, export and transit of fins other than if naturally attached to the animal’s body”. Should their endeavour succeed, the European Commission could then decide to propose a new regulation to achieve this goal.

Such a new regulation would go one big step further than the current EU legal framework, which aims to reduce the number of sharks fished by requiring — since 2013 and for all EU vessels — that fins remain attached to the carcass of the shark until unloading at port. However, fins can then be separated and traded locally or across the world. Soon after introduction of the regulation, fishing of sharks returned to previous levels. While a steep improvement from the EU’s former regulation, the current regulation still allows fins to be traded across Europe and EU fishers to feed Asia’s strong demand for shark fin soup.In June 2019, Canada became the first country of the G7 group to ban shark fin imports on its territory, and citizens around the world are increasingly requesting the end of such cruel and useless practices. Europe must follow suit.

European citizens have the power to demand that the EU’s decision makers enhance wildlife protection.At a time when the scientific community regularly rings the alarm bell regarding erosion of biodiversity erosion and the risks associated with climate change, we have no choice but to change our production and consumption patterns. It is high time to end the shark fin trade in Europe!

Sign the European Citizens’ Initiative here.

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European Citizens’ Initiative: Stop Finning – Stop the trade

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