Trophy Hunting – Time For Global Action To Stop It NOW !

The photos and many of the words are taken directly from the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting site which can be visited at:

About – Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting


The UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Banning Trophy Hunting defines it as “as a ‘sport’ by those who practice it. It consists of killing an animal for recreation, and then displaying its body as an expression of a hunter’s ‘prowess’. It is distinct from the control or management of wildlife populations, which should be carried out humanely by trained professionals.”


Trophies include whole bodies of animals, their heads or skulls, skins, tails, feet and even genitalia.

In the case of elephants they can include trunks and ears too.


There are over 300 Lion ‘Factory Farms’ breeding thousands of lion cubs for trophy hunters to shoot in enclosures.

They are also killed for their bones to make ‘lion wine’ and ‘lion cake’ for wealthy Asian businessmen.


In recent years, over 800 Trophy Hunters have won prizes for having shot lions, elephants, leopards AND rhinos.

The hunting industry hands out special awards every year to hunters who kill over 125 different species of animal.


There are thousands of hunting companies, mainly in South Africa and the US.

Some make millions of dollars a year.

Some offer Black Friday deals and even ‘free’ animals for hunters to shoot, such as monkeys.


Many Trophy hunters like to shoot kangaroos, camels, seals, beavers, wild cats, reindeer, and sheep.

In the US, there are estates which import and breed animals such as zebras – so hunters don’t have to fly to Africa to shoot their favourite animal.

In some places, hunters can drive around in tanks, take young children hunting, and even shoot animals from helicopters using a machine gun.


Studies suggest at least 50% of animals shot by Trophy Hunters are not killed instantly and instead die slow, painful deaths.

Evidence presented to the UK Parliament

Witness(es): Dr Mark Jones, Head of Policy, Born Free Foundation; Eduardo Goncalves, Founder, Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting; Dr Audrey Delsink, Wildlife Director, Humane Society International UK

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

Tuesday 2 November 2021 

Watch the committee presented with evidence from the above by clicking on the following link: – Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee

Visit the (UK) campaign to ban trophy hunting working to expose and end trophy hunting all over the world; see lots more at:

Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting


Humans have no right to take the life of an animal for recreation. Animals experience suffering and pain when they are hunted for trophies. Killing endangered wildlife for pleasure only helps push them even further towards extinction.

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting calls for:

-Governments to ban trophy hunting and the import and export of hunting trophies

-Effective enforcement of existing national and international laws against trophy hunting, with tough penalties for offenders

-An immediate halt to the trade in trophies of vulnerable, threatened or endangered species

-Trophy hunting exemptions to be removed from existing international conservation agreements

-Negotiations to commence on a comprehensive global agreement banning trophy hunting

News – News – Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting

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Why its time to ban trophy hunting – Opinion – Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting

Shop for merchandise – SHOP – Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting

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