USA: Workers Drilled Into Dogs’ Skulls and Injected Distemper Virus Directly Into Their Brains.

What a PETA eyewitness documented at Liberty Research, Inc.—a New York–based facility that conducts experiments on animals for pharmaceutical giants such as Bayer and Merck and churns out thousands of animals for use in other deadly tests—is horrifying.

Video and further action link:

In one experiment, workers used a drill to bore holes into the skulls of 30 beaglesso that distemper virus could be injected directly into their brains. Some dogs blinked and even whimpered during the painful procedure, and they woke up moaning. In the days that followed, they banged their heads against the walls of the cages, causing blood to spurt from their wounds.

Following PETA’s exposé of the suffering that dogs and cats endured at Liberty, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and state officials cited the company for failing to provide some of the approximately 3,000 animals in its “care” with adequate veterinary care. The laboratory was also suspended from experimenting on animals for three months after its renewal application was denied.

But despite evidence of rampant cruelty and a laundry list of citations, pharmaceutical companies and universities are still commissioning tests and ordering live animals from Liberty—and the animals locked inside its windowless buildings need your help.

Take action today by telling Liberty’s customers to reconsider their ties with this despicable laboratory!

Regards Mark

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