Sanderson Farms- a nightmare scenario for chickens.

Following our lawsuit in 2020, Sanderson Farms scrubbed its false and misleading advertising and labels.
But the underlying problems remain — terrible suffering for over 1 million animals who they kill every day.

Now the company is set to merge with Wayne Farms, another chicken flesh-selling company with its own history of animal abuse.
We must speak up now!

Chickens in Sanderson’s industrial plants are held captive in filthy, overcrowded, inhumane conditions.

When slaughter time comes, the industry standard is that they are violently hung upside down in metal shackles;

dunked in a tank of electrified water (which often fails to render them unconscious); have their throats cut (this step too is performed at a breakneck pace and the birds often survive it);

lastly, they are dunked in boiling water to defeather them.

Tragically, over 500,000 birds reach the water alive each year and are drowned in boiling water while still conscious.
According to a former slaughterhouse worker, when chickens are scalded alive, they “flop, scream, kick, and their eyeballs pop out of their heads.
They often come out of the other end with broken bones and disfigured and missing body parts because they’ve struggled so much in the tank.”

As if that weren’t enough, chicks who hatch later than expected have been documented being born alone in barren plastic creates, gasping for air and the warmth and comfort of their absent mother.
The corpses of dying and dead chicks end up scattered around, including near the living. The final stage of the process for unwanted chicks is the metal macerator, which grinds them up.
Truly it is a nightmare scenario.

Enough is enough. Chickens are sentient creatures, capable of feeling love and happiness, as well as suffering and feeling fear and terror.
It is inexcusable to treat them as if they are inert matter, as is currently being done by Sanderson Farms and Wayne Farms.

Two petitions, Please take aktion:

And I mean…There were more than half a million chickens drowned alive in scalding water tanks last year, according to the USDA.
That’s 1,400 birds boiled alive each and every day right on US soil!!
Why don’t more people know about this?

Sanderson Farms and other meat industry giants in the US like National Chicken Council, Tyson Foods, Foster Farms, Koch Foods, who are collectively responsible for slaughtering 70-80% of birds each year—need to end this animal cruelty now and have to understand that consumers demand real changes for chickens.

It’s time for these corporations to transition away from the cruel, outdated practices of factory farming, adopt much stronger animal welfare policies, and ultimately focus their energy on expanding their plant-based alternatives in order to improve the treatment of animals and workers suffering within their supply chains.

These meat industry giants have a unique power—and responsibility—to make these changes that will impact billions of animals every year. By phasing out live-shackle slaughter in their supply chains, countless chickens will be spared from one of the greatest causes of suffering in slaughterhouses today.
Because even one bird boiled alive is too many.

For too long, the meat industry has put profits before people and animals, with devastating consequences.
But now, pressure is mounting, more than 180 major food companies have already adopted the Better Chicken Commitment.

With these two petitions we refuse to support, with our taxes, an industry that is unable to find humane and effective solutions, an industry that persists in its mistakes, without respect for animal welfare or long-term human health.
We demand that governments – national, European and international – take their responsibilities and stop perpetuating this dangerously failing system.
Please sign and share

My best regards to all, Venus

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