Times change…

ao Supermercado Baggio, no Passo de Torres, pela iniciativa de colocar esse tipo de carrinho de compras, onde podemos levar nosso pet, a Mel, para fazermos compras, sem causar qualquer incômodo.
Iniciativas assim poderiam ser copiadas.

(Translation) Congratulations!
to the Baggio Supermarket, in Passo de Torres, for the initiative of placing this type of shopping cart, where we can take our pet, Mel, to shop, without causing any inconvenience.
Initiatives like this could be copied.


And I mean…When you take your baby to the supermarket in the special baby buggy, people accept it and take it for granted.
Why complain about pets, who are usually cuter, more groomed and well behaved than small children?
Congratulations also from us to the innovative supermarket.
Times change, people evolve

My best regards to all, Venus

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