Slavery is still here


“Slavery is still here for those who can’t speak ‘Human’.” (Glass Walls)

Human rights are universal, individual, egalitarian rights to which every human being is equally entitled “because of his humanity”.
Chief among these are the right to life and the right to physical and mental integrity. But also the right to freedom, protection from discrimination, torture and much more.
Practically all countries in the world recognize human rights in principle!
Human rights violations are punished in most countries, sometimes with severe penalties.
Human rights do not have to be demanded. They exist!

Although animal rights and human rights are often mentioned in the same breath, it comes from animal rights activists and almost never from human rights activists.
Speaking of animals: There are no animal rights anywhere in the world. Not a single animal, from the clam to the chimpanzee, has a single right.

An animal protection law (even the very best) grants no rights to animals, it only restricts man’s powers of disposal.
“Human rights” result solely from belonging to the human species – that is how it is justified.
No matter how this human being is constituted, he has this right per se. Because he is a human being.
So it is de facto only a self-imposed special right of the dominant species due to a gigantic discrimination of all other species that are denied this right.

Hence such pictures; these are the consequences of the lawlessness with which we treat other animals under the recognized rights of the human species.

We are for the basic rights of all animals because they are capable of suffering. Nobody may be disadvantaged or preferred because of their species affiliation.

My best regards to all, Venus

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