England: Archive: Live Animal Exports From Kent, England. By Mark (WAV).

Onderwater used to regularly visit the UK and buy up live animals at market for export to Europe.  As the UK is an island, he had to get these same animals across to Europe (normally via Calais France).  In the old days the English based cross Channel ferry operators regularly carried livestock transporters as part of their normal freight business network, but this was eventually successively stopped (with all of them) due to action and pressure from activists and the general public, a public who did not want to start their annual holidays crossing the Channel to Europe and sharing the car deck with animal transporters taking live animals to slaughter.  The campaign to stop the trade was very effective and the live transport of animals was closed down with all the ferry companies.  So, from then on, the exporters had only one choice if they wanted to still get animals across to Europe; and that was to charter their own ship or purchase one of their own.  They attempted to use chartered ships at different times, but this proved very expensive as with the charter costs, there were additional costs associated with the use of a pilot to get (steer) the vessel into port, etc.  Onderwater and his river vessel arrived and set up business taking live animals across the Channel using a barge intended for river operations !  Onderwater uses his own fleet of livestock transporters – they are white cabbed, no logo Scania’s as you can see in the photos.

White cabbed Scania’s

In the pictures you can also see the ‘Joline’; its very low profile in the water; and in some, the loading of transporters onto it with their animal cargoes.

Now that the UK has left the EU and is currently passing legislation to stop all live animal exports; Onderwater has not visited the English ports with the ‘Joline’ for months, as there is now too much paperwork for him to undertake for each shipment; something we as activists against the live trade very much welcome, as he was the only real thorn in the side of live animal exports from England over the last few years.

All these photos are now confined in archives and the history books of the evil live animal transport books where they belong, but are also a clear and very poignant record of the immense suffering inflicted on live, sentient beings on an almost daily basis in times gone by.

The white ‘box’ trailer full of live sheep pulled by the white cabbed Scania.
The white bx trailer

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