USA: Petition – Workers Rights; We must stand up to the meat industry now!

American meat corporations have bad reputations, and for good reason. These companies have reached near-supervillain status for their inhumane treatment of cattle, pigs, and chickens. Not only do animals that suffer in meat-packing plants — these corporations abuse their workers, too. New reports indicate that this industry quite literally doesn’t care if its workers live or die, and it is time Congress did something about this.

In fact, a new report by the U.S. Congress reveals that even when meat companies knew their workers were at extremely high risk of catching COVID-19, they lobbied to keep their plants open anyway.

These corporations even went so far as to fabricate letters that falsely claimed America’s meat supply was at dire risk if plants temporarily shut down. As a result, former President Trump signed an executive order classifying meat plants as critical infrastructure, forcing their doors open amidst grave danger. Given what we know so far, upwards of 59,000 meat-packing workers caught COVID-19, and nearly 300 died. That’s not even counting the family, friends, and community members they spread COVID to after contracting it at the plants. On top of that, many meat-packing workers are immigrants, low-income, uninsured, or some combination of the three. These are communities that are already at an extremely high risk of contracting severe COVID, yet the industry decided profit was more important than human lives. The government must never allow this deadly manipulation to happen again.

Sign the petition now to put pressure on Congress and tell it: all workers deserve dignity and protection! We must stand up to the meat industry now!

P.S. The industry has blood on its hands — both from the animals mistreated, and from the workers it pushed into the COVID frontline.

Regards Mark

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