Viva! urgently needs your help to end the suffering of ducks

Over two decades after we first exposed duck factory farming, comes the release of disturbing new footage from inside a filthy Lincolnshire duck egg farm – producers of Quack! Duck Eggs and suppliers of egg giants Stonegate and Noble Foods, who stock their products at major supermarkets Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose and Ocado. 

Following a tip off from an ex-worker, who reported extreme acts of animal cruelty and horrendous living conditions, Viva! Campaigns took immediate action and launched an investigation of Field Farm.

The undercover footage shows shocking scenes from inside the farm of lame birds dragging themselves over excreta-ridden barn floors using their wings and workers brutally killing ducks by dislocating their necks – a shockingly legal practice – and leaving lame, sick and blind birds to suffer in pain.

Here is a first-hand account of what an investigator found at the scene:


The smell was the first thing to hit me as I entered the farm and trudged through ankle-deep dirty layers of waterlogged straw; wet from leaked drinkers and rife with excreta. It was immediately clear that the conditions that these ducks live – and die – in are utterly appalling. Within seconds of being at the farm, I witnessed lame and injured ducks everywhere, left to suffer.

The drinking points, the only access to water these poor ducks have, were caked in dirt and, as a result, their drinking water was filthy and contaminated by the litter. Mice and pigeons accessed the ducks’ feed troughs.
Viruses and bacteria could spread easily between ducks and wildlife.

I witnessed numerous lame ducks pushing themselves along this squalid litter on their bellies. They were unable to walk, so frantically flapped their wings in a bid to move. One duck I saw, walked with an unusual upright gait, her leg looked like it was rotting and the agony in her eyes was unmistakable. Other ducks had pecking injuries on their wings and the degradation these poor ducks faced, living like this, was almost too much to bear.

Help Viva! to expose the lies British consumers are being sold 

Duck eggs are marketed as a luxury food in the UK, but the way that these intelligent animals are treated is abhorrent – British consumers are being sold a lie! 

Will you help these poor defenceless ducks living in unsanitary conditions, pain and poor health?

We cannot turn our backs on animal suffering, and we will not. But we urgently need your help to support our ongoing investigations.

I am continually inspired by the overwhelmingly generous response that Viva! has from our supporters. Supporters just like you. Despite the cruelty, and horrific acts of senseless violence against animals carried out daily by humans, I never fail to be moved by how compassionate our supporters are. It reinforces my belief in humankind’s potential to improve the lives of animals and make a difference in the world. For this continued support and generosity, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Whatever you can give, small or large, thank you. 
Email Lincolnshire Co-op

We urge you to express your disgust, and ask that they permanently drop them as a supplier.

Please click the link below and sign your name. 

Email Lincolnshire Co-op now »
Yours for the animals,

Juliet Gellatley
Founder and Director

Regards Mark

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