England: Little Fox Drops In On His Rounds.

So there we were; it was Friday (15/&7) afternoon and very hot (unusually for England – I think they call it ‘Global Warming’ Mr Trump).  The lounge doors which go to the back garden were open to get a breeze through.  We came in from another room when I was greeted with “Mark, there is a fox in your office !”.

Sure enough, there was; a little cub who I think I had photographed with his mum in the garden a few weeks ago.  If it was him, hen he is now out on his own searching round and getting to know places.  He must have entered through the open doors at the rear, and then wandered into the office.

Luckily; he was in a fox friend zone which is totally anti hunt; so we laid a trail of fox biscuits indoors for him to eat, and which led back to the garden.  He showed no signs of being scared of us in any way (a bit worrying if he meets the ‘wrong’ types); he was brazen and really chilled out; lying on the office floor for a while before making his way back outside.

I quickly grabbed a couple of shots of him both indoors and then outdoors when he was back in the garden.  We threw him some extra food, which he took in his mouth and then headed off into the bushes.  His mum would have been proud of him if he returned with all that food, but then again, maybe he scoffed it all himself !

He was beautiful and a real delight to see so close up.  I have this thing with foxes coming into the building; at our previous place, a wild local fox used to come in, climb the stairs and then chill on the window sill for a while, whilst I was on the computer – you can see him here.

Chill out fox sits on the office window sill.

But, they are wild animals, not pets; and so must be treated that way.  No touching or stroking; just watching and enjoying.  Then they go and return to the wild where they belong.


Regards Mark

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