India: Little Georgie Is So Sweet – Watch His Life Saving Rescue and ‘Fix’ Here. July AAU Rescues.

28/7/22 – Dear all; here are the latest collection of wonderful rescues sent to us by Erika and the team at Animal Aid Unlimited.

I hope you will enjoy watching these rescues and recoveries; and then please consider giving a donation and / or buying from the shop – the link which is given towards the end.

Little Georgie and the story of his rescue just in time, along with the draining of a huge cyst, just goes to show that if you show animals kindness and help, they will give love and affection in return.  A lot in return for giving of little.  Please consider giving after watching his rescue story.

Thank you and regards



Dear Mark,

Our Cat Area for many years hosted very few patients, and in fact 7 years ago we didn’t even have a cat area. In the past few years, however, the number of cat rescues have steadily increased, and now our hospital serves (because what human isn’t the servant of their cats?!) an average of 15-20 cats on any given day. 

Many are tame enough to pet and play with, suggesting that they’ve had exposure to humans as kittens but some are feral.

We are not sure as to why the number of cat rescues went up – whether because of their growing population, or perhaps due to the increased awareness on the part of the community.

In the very few parts of India where the dog population in under control thanks to spay and neuter – such as several areas of Mumbai – the cat population has increased to the point that some sterilization programs focus on cats rather than dogs. Amazingly, they have also learned how to live together: if you walk in the street of Mumbai, you will easily spot dogs and cats hanging out side by side!

Thank you for your generous support allowing us to help the cats of Udaipur who have been injured by dog bites, accidents, falls, and illnesses.

Would Mitchell be able to walk after his head injury? 

Neighbors saw a dog collapse after being hit by a car and immediately called our helpline. We advised them not to move him, and we’re so glad they didn’t because with the first touch, this completely disoriented dog bolted in confusion from the head trauma, which could have caused him even more injury.

Within hours, he began to show signs of slight improvement and his eyes seemed to grant us permission to gently touch him. But the biggest surge of hope we experienced in those first hours was his ability to coordinate his head movement enough to eat by himself. For several days we needed to watch him around the clock. And within a few days of light physiotherapy, Mitchell managed to stand on his own. There’s an old saying: “the rest is history.” For Mitchell, “the rest is a future.”

From near-dead, to beaming life: Please donate today

Georgie’s rays of sunshine will light up the corners of your heart.

Whatever size the package is, love is huge, isn’t it? This gorgeous puppy was almost buried under an enormous pocket of fluid that had collected around an infection. We drained the fluid and treated him with antibiotics. We believe that we rescued him just in time – meet Georgie now!

A little life. So much love. Please donate today

Ever-loving Joey can’t believe he snapped and growled during his rescue!

Neighbors were shocked to find a local street dog hiding in pain. But what was wrong? There was no blood, no sign of trauma. When our rescue team arrived the poor boy growled and even threatened to bite. We now know the reason was his tremendous pain and fear: something had injured his spine. But though it would take 4 weeks to heal, within hours, his fears were replaced by continuous smiles.

Our protocol for spine injury calls for bedrest along with other medication and care. For a young dog especially, this confinement is really tough. But receiving loving visits, watching the activities of the people and other dogs all around him, meant that Joey’s emotional life was cheerful as he waited patiently for his bruised spine to heal. Meet Joey today–better than ever.

Healing can come from a complicated surgery or a place to rest, be fed and be loved.Please donate today

Thank you Rachel!

Deep thanks to Rachel, returning volunteer and kind friend to animals and all of us. Rachel, an air-traffic controller from the UK, once again brought lots of wonderful supplies, donated funds she herself gave and raised from others; gave energy and appreciation to staff and other volunteers, and best of all, gave non-stop love for the animals. 

Give a simply spectacular gift:

Animal Rescue.

All items are donated and 100% of proceeds used for animal help.

Go shopping here:

Jewelry – Animal Aid Unlimited

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim, and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

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