“They will be slaughtered anyway …”

Cattle transport on Highway 6 ( Germany) stopped: animals ate each other in hunger !!


-tiertransport Schwein in Gittern-1B6b

Sinsheim (Baden Wurttemberg) – The police have a strange feeling – that is also the reason why the police stop the cattle transport. When they look inside, the naked horror comes over them:
It’s Thursday night (4 July), about 19 clock, as a patrol car a heavy truck on the highway 6 in Sinsheim striking. As always, when officials feel strange about a vehicle, they stop it. The first thing they notice: The animals are penned in the transporter in the smallest space.

A sight of horror

The sight that opens up to them is anything but a routine one.
In the car are over 500 animals of all sizes and weights – all miserably neglected! As a police spokesman tells, it is all about pigs.
The animals are thirsty: from the automatic potions comes no water, only air. They are starving: so much so that they are already starting to eat their fellows. They have no place: in random departments, the four-legged friends are crammed into the smallest space.

“They’ll be slaughtered anyway …”
When the police ask the driver for a guide to inspect the animals on the upper decks, he explains succinctly that he has none.
When the police ask the man about the miserable health condition of the animals, the man states that the animals would anyway be slaughtered.


After consultation with an official veterinarian near the destination, the driver was allowed to proceed(!!!). However, control will have consequences because of a number of violations of the Animal Welfare Transport Ordinance and the Animal Welfare Act (???). The traffic commissariat Walldorf determined as well as the veterinary office of the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis.

Source: Mannheim24

And the truck carrying the 500 illegally transported half-dead prisoners is allowed to continue driving. Why do we need laws when they have no useful application in the everyday life of animal transport?

The law says in this case: the animals must be cared for on the spot, sick animals must be cared for immediately, the half-dead are forced to be euthanized.
“We are not able to do well in eternity what we did to the animals.” – Mark Twain

Best regards, Venus




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