German Meat Mafia: No 1 in the world !!


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Animal Rights Watch activists released gruesome footage of the systematic killing of small piglets

It is a sight that is hard to bear. Animal rights activists from “Animal Rights Watch” (ARIWA) publish footage from a pig farm in Brandenburg. In the most brutal way, coworkers kill small, defenseless piglets with one hit on the ground, sometimes right in front of their mothers (Video).

The employees systematically go through the rows, picking out the little piglets and hitting them several times on the floor, against edges or steel bars. Some are not dead immediately, twitching and whining. Nevertheless, they end up in a ton and are transported away. In some cases, they are even simply left in the box.


Ferkel auf Fäkalien laufendjpgA little piglet runs in a steel over his dead and abandoned conspecifics.


The pigs are not really sick, but for the operation only a cost factor. The breed is not financially worthwhile. And so, the animals are getting out of the way.

In 2014, ARIWA uncovered the brutal practice for the first time. There was a nationwide outcry. Some federal states reacted and launched decrees against killing by slaying.

Nothing is happened! The killing continues.

Martin-Luther-King Zitatn

2016: The” improvement”: piglets are not only slain, the coworkers also cut their throats with a knife!!. Then they bleed out screaming.

According to the Animal Welfare Act, the killing of piglets without a “reasonable reason” is a violation. Only animals that are not viable or have been proven to be severely affected should be killed by law. But that does not apply to the majority of piglets in Germany. “All they need is more intensive care and, in individual cases, veterinary treatment,” says ARIWA.

The company affected by the allegations, the agricultural cooperative Neuzelle eG, distanced itself from violations of animal welfare. “If there were employee abuses, we deeply regret it, and any violations will be punished,”(!!!)  it said in a statement.

The farmers’ association condemned the practice shown: “The pictures published in the ARD and RBB from a Brandenburg pigsty, where employees kill small piglets, in which they hit them on the ground, deeply disturb the Brandenburg farmers (!!!) said the state association on Tuesday.

According to the prosecutor Frankfurt, the animal welfare organization has created criminal complaint.  In the specific case, it would be necessary to wait and see what the investigations of the prosecutor’s office would bring.

(Translation, Venus with my best regards)



The meat mafia is not only a professional killer, is also a professional liar!

Once such crimes are discovered, the meat mafia distances itself from the “sinners”!

Although the Meat Mafia knows exactly that what is happening in Brandenburg, is the daily and common practice in all slaughterhouses in Germany.

Everywhere, at every slaughterhouse in Germany.
The meat mafia in this case is not against the crime.
She is angry, that these slaughterers have not taken care and were caught.
And so, the Brandenburg farmers present themselves “deeply disturb” (!!!) and demanding to be punished these stupid ones, because have pulled the name of the No1 meat industry of the world in the dirt.


Whta we eat or who we eat_n

“It is dying and dying valuable animals for worthless people. And they are not sacrificed to hunger, but to the well-being and the business! “

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