England: ‘Heroes’ – To All the Animal Activists Out There !



You know, sometimes all this bad animal news kind of gets to you a bit – the stuff I put on the site today re Serbian strays – https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/02/15/the-very-good-people-and-the-sickly-bad-people-for-dogs-in-serbia/ all those defenseless, helpless little dogs has just re ignited the anger in me for all that fighting that we did on SAV for all those years – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/ – the videos and the photos sum up the situation that we have only been involved with since 2005; and it goes back more than that !

The mass catching’s and abuses are still there today – I don’t really know what the answer is apart from what we have always fought for – a NO KILL policy – sterilisation, vaccination, identification (an ear tag) and a close down of all the private shinter outfits. The government and authorities need a drastic review of their policies, and to have an ounce of compassion; as do the Chinese and others.

So, you have to chill sometimes as a result – and for me, one big way is loud music; even if for 10 minutes or so; it is a break.

‘Heroes’ was written by the late, great David Bowie; and it has become a kind of anthem in the AR movement. It also features in the closing of ‘The Cove’ movie; dolphin slaughter.

Here is a video of one London 2016 protest against Taiji dolphin hunting very, very shortly after David died – the video is a kind of tribute to his involvement to the fight:





I also really like the ‘Heroes’ version by ‘Mororhead’. Watch it and enjoy it here.




Play it LOUD !

Regards Mark.


RIP Lem.

Important news today – https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/02/14/germany-the-horror-of-the-pig-boxes-remains-for-the-time/


Taiji March 4

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