Germany: donations for new monkey prisons

Does anyone remember the tragic fire on New Year’s Eve in Krefeld Zoo, Germany?


banane rep deutschlandpg
In the monkey house of the Krefeld Zoo, the imprisoned monkeys died on New Year’s Eve in a fire. They never had a chance to survive. In front of the burning building, police officers with machine guns were ready to shoot those fleeing the flames.

Gorilla krefeld pgThis monkey is also burned

30 monkeys died, there were no fire alarms or sprinklers in their prison.
Now comes the news in the media that have taken on the role of collaborator in this case:

“The willingness to help is huge: Since the fire in the monkey house at the beginning of the year, the Krefeld Zoo has received donations totaling 1.43 million euros!

Friedrich Berlemann, the chairman of the zoo friends, said that there were also many small donations at a public solidarity meeting in front of the town hall. Well over 500 people were there.

Krefeld RathauspgKrefeld- City Hall


“The many fundraisers are overwhelming”, said Berlemann. “The amount would be the first basis for financing a new monkey house”.

The supervisory board has already decided to build and keep apes in the zoo. According to a spokeswoman, planning should begin quickly: “We want to make visits to zoos this year that are characterized by their innovative and exemplary apes attitude. The new ape house should be more beautiful, modern and species-appropriate than ever before”!


My comment: The power of the media has won again.
They manipulated the masses in such a way that the new construction of the monkey house should not only appear as a matter of course but as a referendum.
“We decided that the zoo would keep its monkeys.”

One can already understand the joy of city politicians when they can relieve their coffers with such a large sum of 1.4 Milion euros and without having to force anyone to do so.

Such a well-manipulated basis of democracy is very welcome for corrupt politicians, zoo directors and heads of state!

My best regards to all


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