Krefeld Zoo – Germany: Generate stupidity and collect money!


krefeld brandpg

Already yesterday, January 2, the police officially announced that the cause of the fire for the death of the 30 monkeys in the zoo in Krefeld / Germany has been clarified.

A 60-year-old woman with her two daughters is said to have let five sky lanterns rise, and one of them started the fire.

To the allegedly three “guilty” women, the police chief said, “I find it very courageous to report to the police and say,” Yes, I think we are responsible, the women are very courageous and decent, quite ordinary people, “said the police chief.”

Krefelder-Zoo.Affen verbrannt jpg

Believe? Why is it not certain that they are to blame?
And since when do “decent” people want to order banned lanterns on the Internet?

And if so … Nobody would expect an honest admission or remorse from someone who has no inhibitions about shooting forbidden and dangerous lanterns into the sky, and especially as a woman.
This makes the credibility of the Krefeld investigation very suspicious.

In addition, the Commissioner’s ridiculous cosmetic titles for the “guilty” women are more than perpetrator-friendly to term, and are therefore also suspected.


And now to the Krefeld Zoo debate.

1. The monkey house has not had a sprinkler or fire alarm system since it was built, and after 45 years had the director Dresser no idea of ​​getting one.

2. There were also no emergency personnel specifically for such a dangerous night. After the education we did in all media about the danger of pets due to fireworks, even pet owners have actively and effectively protected their animals.

3. Jail Director Dressen said at the press conference: “We are sticking to the breeding program”.
A donation account has been set up, several thousand euros hve already received at the zoo.
They will most likely be used to rebuild the burned prison and buy the next prisoner.

affen im Zoo Krefeldo

And now to the legalized daily tragedies, the zoos prisons:

Tigers, bears, elephants and great apes can be bought in various animal markets starting at $ 500.

Bär im Zoo pg

They provide zoo directors and the circus mafia with small baby animals and are basically supported by a brainless society that takes their children to zoos to admire slaves of “different” species.
And they explain to their children that these slaves would otherwise have no chance of survival except in this zoo prison.

A life of isolation, boredom and daily humiliation is the best thing for her.

Generate stupidity in the population and collect money for it; That is why zoos exist!

Blöde Kinder beobachten Gorilla_n

To inform everyone who expects a hefty punishment, even if these women can be the culprits.

In 2009, a ten-year-old boy died in Siegen (Germany) because a house had caught fire from a sky lantern. The trial of a 23-year-old man for negligent homicide and arson was later suspended against conditions. The court saw little guilt from the man who had the lampion mounted.

In November 2010, a fire broke out in the petting enclosure of the Karlsruhe (Germany) zoo, 26 animals were killed: alpacas, pygmy goats, Shetland ponies, mini donkeys and sheep. Four elephants were burned.

The causes of the fire were never finally clarified.

Conclusion: The zoo director must be dismissed, the zoo must close. For this time and for this case.
Our goal is that all zoos in the world will be closed, we will fight for it and we will continue to fight unabated.
The time of fascism must also end for the “others”.

There is a petition calling for fireworks to be banned because it is dangerous for animals.
I will not publish this petition here because a ban on fireworks would not mean that the zoo prisons become safe and happy places for the animals.
Only the abolition of the zoos can do this, but the Zoomafia always knows how to twist topics in order to continue to exist.

Best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Krefeld Zoo – Germany: Generate stupidity and collect money!”

  1. How much sadness, not without highlighting the deficiency and inability of the director of the prison-zoo.
    I keep wondering “why” these animal prisons continue to be tolerated… and many other idiots come to claim that thanks to these structures we can save animals from extinction!
    But come on, don’t tell crap…
    Humans are the problem: and humans acting brainlessly are a bigger problem (which rughtly are the 90% of the planet inhabitants).
    It makes me sick, and makes me angry, awfully angry.
    Yes, the zoomafia will only use the money to rebuild over ashes, buy and imprison other poor creatures with the pretext to “save” them from extintion.


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