Day: January 7, 2020

Australia: what have we learned from this?


australien Mensch mit Hund

Every summer, in the drought and hot season, there are more fires in Australia
But never one like this Dante hell.

An area about the size of Austria has turned into ashes.
The flames continue to swallow animals, nature, houses, people.
The air stinks of burnt meat.
Australia is among the top ten polluters on the planet. The consequences of a policy that has destroyed the country are now getting.
However, the deadly effects of this policy do not hit the main culprits.
As always, they meet the innocent.
The animals.

australien kangourujpg

Sidney University estimates that 480 million mammals, birds, reptiles … are burned alive.
According to the university, many Australian animal species have been eradicated.
But the prognoses are even darker, because the final count can affect up to 1 trillion animal losses due to starvation of the survivors.

The voters, the supporters and the Government followers are complicit.
As Prime Minister, they have chosen a climate denier and a passionate supporter of the coal industry!
There is no such thing as “innocence” in politics; wrong political decisions are paid dearly, at the latest now the Australians should feel it.

The elected conservative government has pursued a miserable policy.
It introduced drastic austerity measures, drastically reduced contributions to social security, which above all meant misery and distress for the fire brigade because the firefighters used beggars and donations to provide their equipment and work clothes themselves.
At the same time, the Morrison government has given free rein to multinationals interested in theft and exploitation of nature.


While the country was turning to ashes, Morrison was on vacation in Miami, and instead of discussing the situation with fire chief Greg Mullins, he posed with the cricket team in front of the House of Parliament because something like that sells best to voters.


The sky in New South Wales has disappeared, say the locals. A dome with sick, yellowish nicotine color hangs over their head, which at dusk takes on the color of the blood.

The worst thing is that we have learned nothing from this biblical catastrophe, and nothing is being done until today about the destruction of the earth. We distribute photos, comments, videos and suffer from collective self-pity. That’s all!

Human being is the only animal on the planet that learns nothing from its mistake.
And the biggest mistake we make is believing that only Australia has to learn from this devastating environmental disaster.

Our “ethics”, which puts ourselves above everything, runs against the wall.

spruch vom Hase über die Erdepg

My best regards to all, Venus

South Korea: Will you help Ccso Gaon rescue these dogs – the owner has signed to free them soon but financial support is required for their rescue.



Will you help Ccso Gaon rescue these dogs?

Sharing for Ccso Gaon.

Image may contain: dog and outdoor

Image may contain: outdoor

Ccso Gaon, a group of activists in Korea, have been working to close down dog farm/slaughterhouses for several years now. With a tip from an informant, on New Year’s Day, January 1, they went to find a dog farm located below the Highway in Dangjin.


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Image may contain: dog and outdoor

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They were able to meet with the dog farm owner and convinced him to sign an agreement to completely close down his dog farm within 3 to 6 months. They can rescue all the 40-50 dogs/puppies there right now, but they have no facilities to keep them and they do not have financial resources to take on rescues.

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Click HERE to see the photos and videos.

Would you please help them rescue the dogs? At least some of them? It is freezing cold in Korea and the dogs are kept in raised wire cages with no protection from harsh weather. For now, all they could do is put plastic covers around their raised wire cages to block some of the winds. They are heartbroken that they cannot rescue any of them now.


If you would like to help them rescue, please donate.


You can donate by paypal:

🧡Ccso Gaon is funded entirely by donations.



Every little bit helps and will save lives.

Thank you for caring and for your generosity!!!










England (Kent): Rescue workers save fox with 40 minutes of CPR after finding it trapped in water – Brilliant !



WAV Comment – Kent is our home county; and we want to send our special thanks to the firefighting guys for their work in saving this little fox. The firefighters often do such a great job now in saving animals in distress – hats off to them !




Rescue workers save fox with 40 minutes of CPR after finding it trapped in water

Firefighters spent nearly 40 minutes bringing a fox back from the brink of death after it nearly drowned.

Crews were called after the animal was found trapped in an old water tank on Tuesday.

After pulling him out of the cold water firefighters bypassed advice to have the animal put down and instead performed CPR and used animal oxygen masks to bring him back to life.


Lorraine March from Kent Wildlife Rescue Service was at the scene, in Chatham, Kent.

She said: “We have no idea how long the fox was in there for but it was slowly drowning.

“The work the firefighters did was amazing, they spent 40 minutes working on it.

“They called the RSPCA who said they were available but suggested the crew took it to the nearest vet to have it put down.

“They got hold of us instead and one of our volunteers was there inside 20 minutes.”