Day: January 24, 2020

The unworthy role of the media


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The famous Italian philosopher Umberto Ecco says: “If you have the media on your side, you don’t need tanks”.
The United States will not invade China in the near future, but they can do so with Iran.
And this is where the dirty game of the mass media finds its function: They tell us to care about China, but not about with the impending Third World War, which the USA and its accomplices want to start in the Arab world !!

China tortures dogs? Dogs eat? This is “sick” and “perverse” and “not normal”. We only eat the right animals: cattle, chickens, pigs …

China lets pigs fly from high towers?? This happens because China does not have our Animal Welfare Act, which after the recent undercover investigation in Europe has shown that it does not work at all.

China is a budding world power, and as such, Trump is expected to be concerned.
However, the United States has had the best experience of dealing with potential competitive competitors for years.

The politicians of this country know how to manufacture consent and how to unleash the full force of the mass media against the designated enemy.

In our times, there is a great deal of interest in animal welfare and, above all, in climate protection, and it grows more every day.
That is why the media focus their propaganda on China’s nonexistent animal welfare law, on dogs and cats eating, on pigs flying off skyscrapers, on lung viruses that are said to be an extremely dangerous plague, on the ban on freedom of expression in the country internally and much more more that currently occupies ALL media and Facebook pages.

For us and for this blog, it is very important not only to report the truth about the daily violation of animal rights, but to maintain political correctness and neutrality in the reports.

For us there are no first and second categories of countries that are portrayed as unjust or biased as sinners just because they are small, poor countries or – conversely – because they have long since bought their superiority in the media landscape.
Before we start reporting, we take into account the conditions that exist in a country.
Of course, this “understanding” is not a relief from guilt when crimes against animals take place.

Like recently in the Sudan Zoo, for example, where lions die of hunger and need. We actually find that terrible.
However, Sudan has a primary existential problem for its population, which other countries, that do the same, do not have.

So it is shameful to condemn Sudan in all blogs because it tortures the animals in the zoo when the Germans collect 1.4 million donations for the new home of the primates in the Krefeld zoo, where 30 monkeys were burned alive on January 1st.

We consider it as a moral trap to post reports of cruelty to animals, which serve a political purpose and not the enlightenment or the information on a logical and objective basis.
And we will not go with the flow of media propaganda, but we will continue to work to reveal this propaganda because we believe that animal welfare is only done right if you have the right political education .

We consider half-truths, or mixtures of lies and half-knowledge, to be dangerous and we will avoid them.

My best regards to all, Venus

These children are a source of inspiration.



Teach your children the right thing!
The sooner our youth learns to perceive brutality against animals as reprehensible, the more they take care that playing and dealing with animals does not turn into torture, the sooner they will understand in adults what is right and what is wrong for animals.

“The child will first show mercy or cruelty to the animal, and then, when grown up, will be merciful and helpful, or relentless and selfish to others.”
“Friedrich Froebel”


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My best regards to all, Venus