Day: January 22, 2020

Meat production: someone else always dies


I rarely eat meat …
I only eat organic meat …
I only eat meat from animals I know …
I only eat meat from the farmers in the village …
I only eat local meat …

Endless excuses. In the end, someone else always dies.

tote Kuh im Schlachthof_n

There will never be animal welfare in factory farming! The meat eaters should finally stop soothing their consciences with this illusion!

The extent of animal suffering on Earth has reached dimensions that are hard to grasp. More than 150 billion animals are slaughtered every year.

The industry that benefits from the exploitation and abuse of animals is hiding behind a wall of secrecy.
The less the meat consumer knows about it, the easier it is to make him a collaborator.

“I worked in the industry, could write a book about it! If you say something, you will be violently silenced and threatened with dismissal”, says a slaughterhouse worker!

Schlachthofarbeiter mit Bold_n

With meat production of around 8 million tons, Germany is the largest meat producer in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. Pork is produced the most!
Every day, 48,000 pigs end up in the dumpster with full consciousness; they are waste and are not used.
This meat is promoted with tax money!

The number one largest meat producer in the world is China with an incredible production of almost 80 million tons of meat. China is also the largest pork consumer in the world, with an average consumption of 32 kilograms of pork per person.

The USA has almost twice as much meat production as Brazil and is the second largest meat producer in the world – at around 40 million tons. Pork and chicken dominate the market here, which can also be easily seen in the per capita consumption. The USA has an average consumption of 45 kilos of chicken per person.

Now we come to the top 3. With a production of around 23 million tons, Brazil is not only the third largest meat producer in the world, but also the largest meat producer in South America. Similar to Argentina, Brazil is not only known regionally, but even internationally for its beef. After Argentina and Uruguay, Brazil therefore has the third highest per capita consumption of beef.

Worldwide, 21 million male calves are murdered annually. They are seen as “waste products” of the dairy industry. It is well known that millions of day-old chicks are killed as “surplus laying hen production”. Less known is that there is a similar problem in dairy farming.

Like male entry chicks, male calves are killed immediately after birth.
New figures show that around 95,000 male calves are disposed in Germany every year.

Kälber in Kontainerjpg

This year: Europe citizens’ initiative “end the cage age” reached 1.2 million signatures.
We are still waiting for the 1.2 million EU citizens to meet their request.
The German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner wants to extend the crate for pigs for another 17 years!!
Although 1.2 million EU citizens want the opposite.


Those who started the initiative “end the cage age” are gone.
They did their duty, so to speak, and now they are taking care of the good relationships with the new EU Commission boss (and old well-known rivets as Ex-defense minister of Germany) Ursula von der Leyen.

The fatal paradox in the animal rights movement is that we are unable to define and fight our enemies.
And that is because we do not see this struggle as a continuation of the struggle for human rights, that is, as a political struggle against slavery.

parallele Sklaverei Tier mensch_n

We are at war and unfortunately the opponents win.

It must be admitted that one of the greatest gains of the capitalist system is the deformation of this society to cowardly, discouraged, obedient servants!

We are systematically educated every day to be apolitical.
And even worse, we, the animal rights activists are played against each other by the system, with the aim: Divide et impera, divide and conquer!

It is time to leave sentimentalities and system conforming actions aside and focus on the collective and good planed fight for animal rights.
This is our mission, we owe it to the animals because they only have us.

My best regards to all, Venus


Further Update:


I am adding some more pictures to this excellent post by it further supports some of the footage shown in the video.


It is of a farm in Serbia; Europe – November 2010.

Look at the conditions which these animals are being kept in. We supply photos from the investigations here below (different dates).  When the Government Ministry was asked about the conditions; they replied ‘ Conditions are ok; so don’t pressure us !’ – eat meat from this place? – No thanks !!!



Here is the link to the post done at the time:


But they obviously did (really) think there was a problem; they just did not like us exposing it –  and their solution was to have the farmer throw straw onto the liquid excrement; here is a further link we did to cover this:

Above – proof of date when taken.



By July 2012 very little had changed -so we exposed conditions again:


This is Europe 2010-2012; how many times do we have to flag this up to government inspectors without being told ‘not to hassle them !’

Who is not doing their job, we asked then; has anything changed by now ?


Regards Mark (WAV / SAV).


PS – the links we give show a few more photos if you wish to view them – along with words of what we knew and had at the time.

Put Reckless World Leaders On Notice About Climate Change.


Photo Credit: Dr. Bogdan


Put Reckless World Leaders on Notice About Climate Change

Posted by Tiffany White


petition keyboard


Petition Link:


Target: Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

Goal: Combat climate change and protect our planet from imminent destruction.

Scientists have predicted that the Amazon rainforests could be approaching an irreversible “tipping point” in their survival. The planet as a whole may be approaching this same point of no return. As the leaders of the world’s major economies converge in Davos, now is the time to confront this crisis head-on.


bol 1


While the World Economic Forum promises a focus on climate change at the Davos meeting, evidence of a true, worthwhile commitment is scarce. Opportunistic politicians around the world are throwing fire on this explosive crisis. The deforestation policies of Brazil’s president contributed to the raging Amazon wildfires of 2019. At the same time, the Australian president’s refusal to address climate change in meaningful ways has only exacerbated the infernos in that region.


morrison fire 3


trump environment 2


And Davos’ 2020 keynote speaker, President Donald Trump, is preparing to tack revoked protections for wetlands and streams on to his 95-and-counting current environmental rollbacks. Just days before the Davos meeting, the president tweeted this mocking “advice” to New Yorkers dealing with rising sea levels: “get your mops and buckets ready!”

Without unified, true global leadership, humanity runs the imminent risk of destroying its own home. Sign the petition to hold these leaders accountable for ensuring this planet’s future.




Dear Professor Schwab,

The World Economic Forum recently listed climate change as an urgent concern amongst worldwide populations. For all of the differences and conflicts between countries and cultures, we all share this common enemy…an enemy of our own making. The time for talking has long passed, and the time for action is yesterday.

“Stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world:” this theme will drive Davos 2020, but a few speeches will not be enough. Do not let any one person co-opt this important summit or detract from its mission. Please carry this mission forward with purposeful intent. Let this annual gathering of world leaders be a starting point for a productive and proactive year where sustaining and safeguarding this world remains a top priority for earth’s economic powers.

The cost of inaction is far too high.


[Your Name Here]



USA: UPDATE: Alleged Dogfighter Loses Battle to Get Back Seized Dogs.



UPDATE: Alleged Dogfighter Loses Battle to Get Back Seized Dogs

Posted by Jane Wolfe | January 20, 2020


SIGN: Justice for 49 Wounded Dogs Forced to Live in Own Urine and Feces


On January 16, a judge ruled that dozens of dogs seized by authorities will not be returned to defendant Elmer James Givens Jr.

Givens is suspected of first-degree animal cruelty and animal fighting after a tip led to authorities searching his garage in Tacoma, Wash., and finding 49 pit bulls locked inside small, dark cages. The dogs looked starved and lived in their own excrement.

Malnourished, injured and scarred, the dogs are believed to have been used in dogfighting activities. Authorities uncovered items related to dogfighting at the accused’s home, including first-aid kits, medicines, and training apparatuses.

After being released without charge, Givens went to court to try and convince the judge to return the seized dogs. Fortunately, Pierce County Judge Jeanette Lineberry refused his request because “the court has serious concerns about [the dogs] suffering future neglect or abuse.”

The recent ruling is great news, but no formal charges have been filed against the perpetrator.

A Lady Freethinker petition calling for justice for these maltreated dogs has garnered over 25,500 signatures. Thank you to everyone who signed and supported this ongoing case, but more signatures are needed to ensure that these innocent, abused dogs get the justice they deserve.

Please, sign this petition urging Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney Mary Robnett to prosecute the culprit to the fullest extent of the law.

SIGN: Justice for 49 Wounded Dogs Forced to Live in Own Urine and Feces


The “skull drill” Logothetis leaves Germany


banane rep deutschlandpg


SOKO animal protection

Animal experimenter Logothetis, Director at the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen for biological cybernetics, flees to a country without press freedom and without animal protection law, to China.


In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which likes to print propaganda from the animal experiments lobby, a fan complains about the loss of the “skull drill” Logothetis. One would have misrepresented his animal experiments …

MPI Affe 3Image: SOKO Tierschutz


So it continues to tinker with the victim myth. So let’s get to the facts.

1) The experiments were carried out illegally under Logothetis, because the voluntary freedom of the animals according to the application and approval was not given, but the experiments were forced through violence, anesthesia or liquid deprivation.

MPI Affe. gefüttertjpg

2) In the Logothetis laboratory, the monkeys suffered the most severe side effects, such as meningitis, strokes and paralysis, among other things due to sluggish surgical methods and poor hygiene.

foto-affe-labor_1Image: SOKO Tierschutz


3) In the Logothetis laboratory, dying, sick monkey Stella was carried out cruel attempts to the end despite the stroke and hemiplegia, even though the animal should have been euthanized. Stella was not an isolated case.

Stella MPIImage: SOKO Tierschutz


4) In the laboratory, an intern without any knowledge was allowed to carry out serious animal tests on rats which were fatal due to the lack of practice.https: // ((unfortunately in German!!)


We have reported about this several times in the past: 1)


5) There was a severe outbreak of disease (TBC) in the Logothetis laboratory and potentially dangerous diseases for humans, including multi-resistant germs. However, hygiene was poor and was not taken seriously.

6) These bad practices have a long tradition. A notification by an authority was pending against the institute under Logothetis in the period 2010-2012.
This ad was due to poor practice, poor knowledge – for example in surgical sutures that had bad consequences for an animal.

Blutverschmierter Affe MPIjpg

The only answer to these facts came in the form of a dirt campaign by animal experiment fans.
Instead of facts and arguments, there were lies, murder and even a crime. A senior MPI employee was convicted of pretending to be a criminal offense. She had claimed to have been attacked by animal rights activists (!!!)

It is logical that Logothetis, after retiring and after the majority of German researchers rightly refused to support him, seeks refuge in a country without animal welfare law, criticism and free media.
Because there he can drill monkey heads free and continue his bad research without obstacles.
He does it like other industries that go to China to exploit people uninhibitedly or to poison the environment. In this case with animals only.

But he shouldn’t be wrong!
Animal torture cannot hide in China either.
And Logothetis should not be surprised if the determined Chinese want to see success, and will not be fed off with almost nothing for decades, like the Germans with their taxpayer millions.
Some innovative young researchers in China will shake their heads in disbelief at what has been bought from Germany.

Laboraffe mit KleinemjpgImage: SOKO Tierschutz


My comment: Logothetis:  “My research was destroyed with strong effects on my health. !! I would have liked to have stayed in Germany, but given the circumstances, it is no longer possible for me to continue my work in Tübingen.

We can breathe a sigh of relief and just say: One less asshole in Germany’s laboratory industry!

As far as I know, no more monkey trials will take place at the MPI in Tübingen in the future.

My best regards to all, Venus