The animal tormentor Nikos Logothetis is allowed to test animals again.


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Germany has us in the last months only with negative news busy

You certainly remember the scandal in the Max Planck Institute (Tübingen, Germany), we have reported several times about this crime. There was massive torture of primates by the Greek Nikos Logothetis and two other staff members of the institute. They have kept several monkeys alive to do more serious experiments with them, even though the animals, according to the law, should have euthanized.

stella mpiFoto: SOKO, Primate Stella, MPI

Undercover investigations by the SOKO organization provided the evidence,  the public was shocked.

mpi affe 3Foto: SOKO-MPI Primate

On January 7, the three torturers were expected to appear in court, which was not the case, as we reported. A frivolous report, which never appeared in public, relieved the three, and they were pronounced free for the payment of a fine.

The Greek and “researchers” Logothetis were prohibited from further research on primates. But today the following report has been sent to the media:

Researcher Nikos Logothetis is allowed to test animals again.

3 versuchsaffen von mpi

This emerges from an opinion of the Max Planck Society. The scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen and two of his co-workers were indicted several years ago for animal abuse.
Until the end of the procedure, Logothetis was not allowed to conduct or guide animal experiments on the part of the Max Planck Society. He himself had already declared in 2015, after the allegations became known, that he no longer carried out experiments with monkeys. Instead, his team would focus on rodent studies.

In December, the district court Tübingen has now announced that it will stop the proceedings against payment of a sum of money. The Board of Directors of the Max Planck Society therefore sees no reason to continue to prohibit Logothetis from carrying out animal experiments.

The allegations against Logothetis had come up after a zoo keeper (from the SOKO organization) had secretly taken pictures of monkeys in the experimental laboratory at the MPI for Biological Cybernetics. In 2014, they had been broadcast on television.

My comment: Such animal abusers are protected by corrupt governments.
They are all called “Dr. Mengele “.
They daily massacre thousands of defenseless attempt animals to satisfy their curiosity and sadism and call it “research”.
Politicians allow this pointless crime because they deserve too.
Human health is suffering, the animals are suffering, the lab mafia and the state are making money.
That’s our money.
We have to fight a long way. With demonstrations, letters, petitions, enlightenment.
Until the research becomes free from the pointless animal suffering and torture.

My best regards, Venus



3 thoughts on “The animal tormentor Nikos Logothetis is allowed to test animals again.”

  1. It is a shame that is hapening in ex naci country, it is oviesly that this is no etic and as souch nothing important for humans, we need new laws about this and that kind behaviour shout not be aoud, this is discasting and we know who is quilty for this, all gouverments at that time, they must go in jail, and bring to the court all who was doing that test, it is no excuse, not now not ever


  2. I know this is an old post, but that sick bastard is leaving Germany and headed for china where the government is building a new lab that will eventually house 6,000 non human primates including transgenic monkeys. I hope he gets Wuhan in his mouth and dies a slow death!


    1. Dear Juan Esteban,
      It wasn’t even a year ago, specifically in September 2019, when this report appeared in Technology Review:
      Scientists from China, the United States and Spain are currently moving to ethical border zones with the creation of hybrid beings from humans and monkeys.

      In China, biologist Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte from the Salk Institute in California and researchers from the Catholic University of Murcia, together with Chinese scientists, injected human stem cells into monkey embryos.

      Her hope is that human cells will develop in the few days old embryo parallel to the monkey cells, the Spanish daily “El País” reported.
      The long-term goal: to produce animals in which individual organs consist entirely of human cells so that they help to remedy the donor organ deficiency.
      I add the link.

      As can be seen from this report, the Chinese are not the only ones to conduct this brutal torture in laboratories.
      In the 1980s and after the animal liberation in the United States, we learned about cruel animal experiments that were not only incredibly brutal, but also completely pointless.
      On this point (Animal Experiments in the USA) I recommend Peter Singer’s book: “Henry Spira and the Animal Rights Movement”.

      We don’t know if Logotheti’s success and status in China will get.
      The Chinese are success-oriented and want to see results.

      For years, we have seen nothing of this in Germany, but he was excessively supported by a dirty laboratory and political lobby and therefore continued to practice.

      best regards


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