Day: January 21, 2019

USA: Key West Looks To Slow Coral Reef Damage With New Sunscreen Ban.


Key West Looks To Slow Coral Reef Damage With New Sunscreen Ban

Posted by Lisa Blanck | January 21, 2019

A popular South Florida vacation spot is stepping up their environmental stewardship.  City commissioners in Key West just approved the first step toward a city-wide ban on the use of sunscreens containing two substances — oxybenzone and octinoxate — proven harmful to coral reefs.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

In addition to being a beautiful home for sea creatures, coral is a living organism.  Among other environmental hazards, oxybenzone and octinoxate have been shown to decrease the reefs’ defense against bleaching.  Coral bleaching occurs when corals get stressed.  They become translucent, or ‘bleached’, and lose their stunning colors.  The colors come from marine algae, which provide the coral with food.  When stressed, the coral expel the algae and subsequently starve to death.

Application of products containing oxybenzone to your skin and than entering water near the reef, in addition to causing bleaching, also damages the corals’ DNA, blocks reproduction and produces sick offspring.  This means that coral populations would be deformed and toxic, and could eventually die off.

The tiny amount of oxybenzone that can severely damage a reef will shock you.  According to a study published in 2015,

‘Serious damage to corals by oxybenzone can start with concentrations as low as the equivalent of one drop of water in six-and-a-half Olympic-sized swimming pools.’

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Banning reef-damaging chemicals is an idea that’s picking up steam.  Last year, Hawaii banned the sale or distribution of sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate, beginning in 2021.  Other vacation spots, including the Western Pacific nation of Palau, have also banned many kinds of sunscreen.  Sunscreen manufacturers are arguing against the bans, saying the sunscreens prevent cancer and that “at this moment, research on sunscreens’ effects on coral is limited.”  But bans should incite manufacturers to review ingredients and undertake product research to meet changing consumer demands.

One Key West commissioner says people could still get a prescription from a doctor for sunscreens that contain the banned ingredients. However, you may choose to simply avoid ones that contains octinoxate; when it penetrates your skin, it has been shown to lead to increased toxicity levels in your body.

Better choices might be products containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, or simply wearing protective clothing.  You can find some skin and reef-safe product suggestions here.

Fifty people spoke out about the proposal at the Key West commission meeting, including school children, boat captains and dermatologists.

 Key West Looks To Slow Coral Reef Damage With New Sunscreen Ban

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

WAP Report: Fast Food Giants Are Failing to Address Extreme Cruelty to Chickens.

Report: Fast Food Giants Are Failing to Address Extreme Cruelty to Chickens

Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures – Kim Newberg

Report: Fast Food Giants Are Failing to Address Extreme Cruelty to Chickens

Posted by Carly Day | January 19, 2019

World Animal Protection (WAP) has released a shocking report showing that some of the world’s biggest fast-food giants are failing to address the extreme suffering of chickens raised for their meat in factory farms.

The report, entitled The Pecking Order 2018, is the first such study to look into the issue of the welfare of chickens destined for the dinner table.

Nine of the world’s most well-known fast-food producers were included in the assessment (Burger King, Domino’s Pizza Group, Domino’s Inc, KFC, McDonald’s, Nando’s Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway), which looked at company policies regarding chicken welfare, any targets and objectives documented by the companies, and the transparency of reporting progress.

Shockingly, these international powerhouse companies, who make enormous profits from killing hundreds of millions of chickens each year, are doing very little to ensure the animals in their supply chain receive even minimal welfare standards at factory farms or slaughterhouses.

None of the companies rated higher than “Poor” on  WAP’s assessment scale. Not a single one has a worldwide policy for improving chicken welfare; in fact, only three even show an interest in the issue — Burger King, Starbucks, and Subway — however, they only focus on limited regions or countries.

McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Nandos were rated as “Very Poor,” while Domino’s Inc and Dominos PLC failed altogether.

“It is deeply disappointing that not one company that relies on chickens for profits received a grade above poor for animal welfare,” said Alesia Soltanpanah, executive director of WAP US. “Of the ten billion animals raised and killed for food every year in the United States, 90 percent are chickens, and these companies have the ability to have a major impact on the living conditions of these animals.”

With such massive exploitation of animals for consumption, these companies have tremendous power to change the lives of these birds for the better. WAP is asking them to avoid sourcing caged chickens and give the animals a more natural and stimulating environment in which to display natural behaviors.

They also urge companies to use birds that have a healthier growth rate. As farmers adapt to meet increased demands, they select breeds that grow too quickly and suffer from numerous health issues as a result, including pain and lameness, as well as strain on the heart and lungs.

“The findings of the inaugural Pecking Order report leave much room for improvement,” continued Soltanpanah.  “The companies ranked, including seven US-based brands, have a responsibility to consumers and the animals in their care to give these chickens a better life.”

In the meantime, we consumers have the power to stop the suffering by leaving chicken off of our plates and choosing cruelty free, plant-based foods, instead.




The UN makes criminals to heroes!




Ironically, Nestlé Pakistan wins the Global Compact Business Sustainability Award. So you can see which corrupt companies the UN supports.


Ironically, Nestlé Pakistan wins the award for “Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Water” because Pakistan has a water shortage!! Here, Nestlé is pumping a total of nine wells at three locations.

Seven billion liters of groundwater are sold every month as mineral water. In a small Pakistani community, children have been sick from dirty water because Nestlé has dug a deep well that absorbs the local people’s drinking water.


In addition, Nestlé is on trial in Pakistan for selling bottles of bottled water that have been extracted “for free” from the ground.

The Supreme Court even threatens to shut down the facilities. The Nestlé concern in Pakistan has long been under criticism, because since “Bottled Life” at the latest, we know that Nestlé not only acquired the water use rights in Pakistan, but also had the factories guarded and fenced. A lot of water is tapped and then sold in plastic bottles for a lot of money, while the population has no access to this water.

And of all “Nestle Pakistan” gets a prize now!

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The battlefields of the EU are everywhere



Around half a billion poultry, pigs and cattle are transported on European highways every year. Just so that the animal can be slaughtered cheaply, it is transported to a low-wage country and then back as meat back to the meat counter.

EU Commission rejects the 8 hour transport limit.
The EU promotes cruel practices in the meat industry with subsidies.


A tragic consequence of globalization and global trade is the increase in animal transport and the expansion of transport distances. The specialization in the agricultural sector, the liberalization of markets, the international orientation of companies and the new information and communication technologies make it possible today to market animals internationally. Animals have long been piece goods in the consciousness of producers and suppliers.


The German government is running a kind of “greenwashing” to support the meat industry, as it is making every possible effort to grow. Alone the transport to the slaughterhouse are cruel, but although there is so much evidence that the guidelines are very often not respected in animal transports, the EU has rejected in mid-March a committee of inquiry into live animal transports! A black day for the animals, a cessation of tormenting animal transport conditions is therefore not in sight.

So it is known. The accidents on the transports continue to increase.

On March 08, 2018, cruel images of dozens of dead calves appeared. Victim of a collision between two trucks. They were Irish calves. On the way to Groningen. Because Ireland and the Netherlands are member states of the European Union, there are free shipments of goods or animals. At the moment of their early death, these calves had already made a long journey. First through Ireland, then crossings by ferry and another trip of about three hundred kilometers. Why are a few hundred calves carting across Europe? Now these calves are dead. Again and again, accidents occur when one considers the cruel reality: Annually, around 170 million livestock transports take place in Europe alone.

unfall mit kälbernBut the EU Commission rejects the 8 hour transport limit.

Although animal welfare violations in animal transport have increased, the EU is fully supporting the meat and milk mafia. They are cruel pictures and you often hear them screaming: the animals in trucks.
Every day you see them driving, the trucks with their cargo: live animals!

unglück beim transport mit schweinejpg

September 2018, Germany: 109 piglets have died. According to the ministry, the carrier must be overloaded. Altogether 180 piglets were loaded. The pigs did not die due to illness. How exactly they came to death and who is responsible, is not known and was not explained to us until today. According to previous findings, the driver of a delivery service has transported 180 piglets, 109 were already dead. The operator had discovered the dead animals fortuitously and then notified the authorities, it said.

And here are (some) the damages inflicted directly by the oligarchs of the EU – Germany on animal welfare during the five years of their rule:

-Ministers of Agriculture, who run their own horror slaughterhouses

-Criminalization of covert work in slaughterhouses

-Ex-Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt (CSU) had given the controversial pesticide glyphosate single-handedly its vote

-Extension of piglet castration without anesthesia

-Mass murder of wild boars (99,000 in 2018)

-Killing millions of chickens and other poultry as bird flu protection.

-Chicks should be further shredded

-No prohibition of wild animals in the circus, although other countries, even from the Third World, have done so long ago

-No ban on transporting animals over 8 hours a day.

And many, many more…

Animal abusers at all levels, that’s the EU.

EU is animal hostile.
It supports slavery, exploitation and brutal trade with animals.
It deserves no respect, no voice.
It eserves only contempt.
With the taxpayers’ money, it pursues a dirty, disgusting policy in favor of the meat and milk mafia, the transport mafia, the hunters, the laboratory crime.
The EU no longer has a right to exist.
I do not go vote and would recommend it to anyone.

there is a great future behind you

My best regards, Venus