Day: January 5, 2019

The subsidized mass murder of wild boars



In the hunting season 2017/2018 and with the excuse of African swine fever, 836,865 wild boars were killed!! According to the German Hunting Association (DJV), it is 42 percent more than last year. According to DJV, it’s the highest score ever.

wildschweine auf gewehr jpgIllustration: Jürgen Heimann

The hysteria that has caused the meat mafia over the “dangerous” bacillus in the last two years (… which, however, has not yet arrived in Germany !!), has led to a mass murder of wild boars.

This hysteria has mainly economic causes. The German Farmers Association expects a turnover loss of two to three billion euros, if the disease breaks out in Germany.

wildschweine auf karre pg

It is a murderous activism

The most likely cause of the regular epidemics in livestock is humans, and simply commercial livestock itself. In the case of African swine fever, transmission through already contaminated pork is most likely. The Friedrich-Löffler-Institut comes to this conclusion in a current risk assessment for the entry of swine fever into Germany.

The German Farmers Association invokes threatening billions of losses for its members and demands that up to 70 percent of all wild boars should be shot preventively. And many state governments follow blindly: More and more states call for hunting and even pay premiums for killed animals.


EU- Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis (who never does anything, and if anything, then the wrong thing) again insisted on strengthening coordination between Member States. The focus is on hunting!!

What does science say about that swine fever?
🐗 Science says something different:

Wild boars live in a very area-specific way and have only a relatively small migration radius, and are therefore out of the question as the main source for spreading ASP over such distances.

And they do not come in contact with domestic pigs, because above 9o% live in closed doors and thick concrete walls.

Much more dangerous: human! Especially the freight traffic. Viruses adhere to vehicles or clothing.  Or in food! Instead of taking measures to secure waste disposal at rest areas and to prevent the import of meat, slaughter products, semen or manure from already affected regions, now millions of animals are to be shot completely senseless.

Quote from Professor Sven Herzog, Wild Ecologist

“Whether 3 or 30 wild boars walk around on a highway parking lot, one finds discarded infected food and falls ill. For the spread of the disease so the wild boar density plays absolutely no great! Therefore, the hunt for wild boars does not help against African swine fever”.;art55462,3134042

 My comment: Incidentally, the Federal Hunting Law in germany  is still in its fundamentals back to the Reich Hunting Act of 1934 – issued by Hermann Göring, Hitler’s Reichs hunter master.

In German forests and meadows, therefore, do not apply modern standards of nature and animal protection, but hunting traditions from the brown age of Reichs hunter master Goering; Today, and in the 21st century, the EU is adopting this tradition, and with subsidies continues to demand this mass murder.


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