The UN makes criminals to heroes!




Ironically, Nestlé Pakistan wins the Global Compact Business Sustainability Award. So you can see which corrupt companies the UN supports.


Ironically, Nestlé Pakistan wins the award for “Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Water” because Pakistan has a water shortage!! Here, Nestlé is pumping a total of nine wells at three locations.

Seven billion liters of groundwater are sold every month as mineral water. In a small Pakistani community, children have been sick from dirty water because Nestlé has dug a deep well that absorbs the local people’s drinking water.


In addition, Nestlé is on trial in Pakistan for selling bottles of bottled water that have been extracted “for free” from the ground.

The Supreme Court even threatens to shut down the facilities. The Nestlé concern in Pakistan has long been under criticism, because since “Bottled Life” at the latest, we know that Nestlé not only acquired the water use rights in Pakistan, but also had the factories guarded and fenced. A lot of water is tapped and then sold in plastic bottles for a lot of money, while the population has no access to this water.

And of all “Nestle Pakistan” gets a prize now!

The bottled water business in Pakistan is dominated by three international companies – Nestlé Pakistan Ltd, Pepsi Co Inc. and Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd – with Nestlé accounting for the largest share. There are a number of other big and small companies that also bottle bottled water, but no one fills as much as Nestlé Pakistan.


“The water is not only very dirty, but the water level has fallen from 100 to 300 to 400 meters,” said a former village chief in a small Pakistani community. He said that because of the bottler Nestlé, who dug a deep well and stole the drinking water from the locals, children sicken because of dirty water. In fact, the unsustainable use of groundwater can lead to a significant fall in water levels and even exploit groundwater levels. That’s right, subterranean water is not the inexhaustible source, as many believe.

Pakistan is one of the most severely affected by water scarcity in the world, and water resources are rapidly coming to an end.

An estimated 15 to 20 percent of Pakistanis, who can afford it, now use bottled water because they fear that unsafe drinking water enters the water system. In the June 2018 report of the Pakistan Council of Research for Water Resources (PCRWR), 45 percent of infant deaths in Pakistan were attributed to diarrhea and about 60 percent to infectious water-borne diseases.

Mian Saqib Nisar is the current Pakistani Supreme Judge and has been in office since December 31, 2016. He criticized the water companies for selling bottled water after they got it off the ground and called on the owners of all mineral water companies to appear in person before the court in November 2018 because the case was resumed.

In December 2018, the time had finally come, the Supreme Court has advised the mineral water companies that the costs of using the groundwater should not be passed on to consumers.

The Pakistani Supreme Court had been informed at the beginning of December 2018 that corporations were withdrawing seven billion liters of groundwater a month to sell it as mineral water for public use.


“I was thinking of starting a movement against the use of mineral water,” said the Chief Justice in his speech.

On January 17, 2019, the Supreme Judge of Pakistan (CJP), Mian Saqib Nisar, resigned from his post as Chief Justice.

Whether it’s because he’s messed with the powerful corporations of the world?

My comment: Nestle are called predators and water hunters.
In fact, these are criminals, experienced criminals who have dominated and conquered the world through exploitation, fraud and violence.

Nestlé must be boycotted.

Best regards, Venus

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