Animal torturers do not come to court. Thanks to the corrupt German judiciary.



Do you remember when we reported about the trial, in Max Planck Institute (MPI) in Tübingen, Germany, which was scheduled on January 7, 2019?

The facts

At the Max Planck Institute (MPI) in Tübingen, painful brain tests on rhesus monkeys were carried out for years. They have to sit for hours with their heads motionless and they are forced to “cooperate” by dehydration. In 2014, an undercover research (done by the SOKO organization) documented severe maltreatment of the monkeys by the MPI staff.  The prosecute accuses the scientists (who include the director of MPI Professor Nikos Logothetis) that they did not euthanize several monkeys, even though they knew that the experimental animals suffered severely for a long time.

Affe mit blutigem KopfpngFoto: Soko Tierschutz

Doctors Against Animal Testing filed criminal charges in January 2015.

Four years later, on January 7, 2019, three employees, including the director of the Institute Nikos Logothetis, were to be brought to trial because of serious animal cruelty.

“It would have been unique in the history of Germany that animal experimenters would have to answer for their actions in court,” explains Dr. Corina Gericke, Vice Chair of Doctors Against Animal Testing.

Affe in MPIcFoto: SOKO Tierschutz


Last information: This process has been canceled!

Reason for the refusal is:  A new report, which has given the defense at the Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB) in order.
“The fact that four years after the filing of the complaint and a few days before the trial suddenly a courtesy certificate is conjured up from the hat is a slap in the face of all animal experiment opponents,” outraged veterinarian Gericke (“Doktors against animal Testing”) .
Doctors against animal experiments therefore doubt the objectivity of this report, because at the RUB almost identical experiments were made on apes until 2012, as at the MPI. They were finished when (and only because) the researcher retired.

Who was she? Stella’s fate


Stella, born in 2008, was a victim of the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen. She came from the company Novartis in Vienna, where she had already been abused for animal experiments. Her skull was broken open several times, with a chamber providing access to her brain. To prevent this from growing, she was repeatedly stunned, the opening with pipe wrench and screwdriver pried open and the tissue removed. The meninges are extremely sensitive to pain, the awakening from the anesthesia is the horror. Stella’s severe wounds became inflamed, she was paralyzed on one side, constantly vomiting and suffering pain. She was kept alive and suffering to prepare for a terminal attempt, a serious animal experiment lasting several days during which Stella died. Her life ended in 2013. These terrible fates bore many names. Stella was not an isolated case.

Stella 2o Stella, Foto: SOKO Tiereschutz


The trial was surprisingly stopped by a secret opinion of the animal experiment lobby, the criminal proceedings set – a judicial shame.

We fight against that.

Demonstration on 12/01/2019 in Tübingen, we demand together: justice for Stella – now more than ever!

My comment: It seems clear. For the public, Logothetis is a miserable animal abuser who tortured defenseless monkeys for questionable research purposes. In reality, nothing was more than the desire to satisfy his curiosity about how the brain works. Once again a psychopath proved to us how his own works.

Eveyone who knows and studies the history of the Third Reich knows how the animal experimenters tick. Their actions coincide 100% with the mass murderers of the Nazi era. In every detail. Even Zyklon B is still used for the killing of experimental animals, even if it is discouraged.

It is not possible to keep behaviorally disturbed people out of this area.

My best regards, Venus



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