Day: December 15, 2018

Germany: the “democracy” of pressure groups!


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The shameful message I read today in the press about the baboons in the zoo, in Saarland, compels me to make a political contribution about a country that is really a “banana republic”.

The debate

The baboon attitude in the Neunkircher Zoo in Saarland, Germany, is a crime and an animal cruelty.

The approximately 50 square meters large indoor enclosure is suitable for a maximum of a group of eight monkeys, say animal rights activists. But there live, actually, 104!

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After animal rights activists had filed for a long time a criminal complaint against the director of the zoo, Norbert Fritsch, for violating the Animal Welfare Act, a report was commissioned by the state government. From this report it was “clear” that the baboons are kept in an appropriate manner, whereupon the public prosecutor’s office has closed the preliminary investigation.

The argument goes now in the next round. The animal liberation offensive Saar e.V., short TIBOS, will appeal against the decision of the prosecutor complaint to the Attorney General Saarbrücken.

Who created the report?

The animal rights organization PETA speaks of a “courtesy certificate”, that Franz-Josef Kaup has created, which has nothing to do with the actual condition of the animals. The “expert” Professor Kaup is not only a hunter, but also a professional in the field of animal experiments. He is the former “animal experiment leader” at the Göttingen Primate Center, where he has worked until a year ago. He is far from the protection of animals.

He has issued a statement on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment, and attested a “very good care and health status” of the animals!! Whereupon the prosecutor stopped the investigation!

Kaup lied!

The truth is: He has not watched the animals for a long time, as stated by the prosecution. He had only been there for two days, no animal had been individually examined.

Lesions and biting injuries would not have been noticed. Also, the presentation is wrong that the enclosure offers enough space for the 104 animals. Because, as the report also shows, it is not possible to find enough space for animals in the indoor enclosure, which can now lead to hypothermia in winter, in extreme cases to frostbite.


My comment: The state attorney’s office of a “democratic” country, gives the order to an ex- animal torturer from the lab mafia to decide on the life and death of the baboons in a zoo.
And Germany claims that it is a democratic country! But the reality shows us that Germany is undemocratic inside.

In Germany not the people have the “say” but the auto industry, the church, the agricultural industry, the banks and other mafia-like organizations (“pressure groups”).

The politicians earn with: their official salary is more than doubled by contributions from other sources (bribes). And if, because of poor performance, they have to get rid of politics for once, then they go to industry and openly do what they have always done: lobbying. A few years later return to politics, because the people (and the mass media) have a short memory.

This corruption is particularly visible in the area of animal rights and animal welfare, which is of interest to us.

Here are just a few examples:
-Ministers of Agriculture who operate their own private horror farms
– Criminalizing the undercover work of animal rights activists
-Ex Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt (CSU) has given the controversial pesticide glyphosate his own voice.
-Extension of piglet castration without anesthesia
-Legal mass murder (90,000 p.a) of wild boars by hunters
-Massaker of millions of chickens and other poultry as “bird flu protection”
– No ban on wildlife in the circus, although other countries, even from the Third World, have long banned it!
-No ban on transporting animals over 8 hours a day.

My best regards to all, Venus



USA: Trump Now Plans To Wreck the Polar Bear Seas – Take Action.




Dear Mark,

The Polar Bear Seas.

That’s what they call the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, together home to most of Alaska’s imperiled polar bear population.

The Beaufort is also the latest target of President Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s unrelenting drive to hand over our Arctic wilderness and U.S. coastlines to his oil industry allies.

Drilling in the Arctic’s Beaufort Sea would be extraordinarily dangerous — the risk of oil spills there is extremely high, and cleaning up spills in such rugged and remote waters is functionally impossible.

The Interior Department is formally accepting public comments on its risky drilling gambit until January. So we only have a few weeks to flood the Interior Department with thousands of citizen letters opposing drilling in the Beaufort Sea.

Take action now — submit your Letter of Opposition to Trump’s Interior Department and say NO to drilling in the Beaufort Sea and all our ocean waters.

An oil spill in the Beaufort Sea would be disastrous for the Arctic’s vulnerable wildlife, especially its threatened polar bear population and the region’s many species of whales, seals, and sea birds.

And the Beaufort Sea sits right off the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, itself a target of Trump’s all-out oil drilling onslaught. A spill in the Beaufort could devastate the coastline of the Arctic Refuge, blanketing it with a deadly slick of toxic crude.

With the growing threat of climate change, which is warming the Arctic faster than any other part of Earth, America should be moving away from dirty fossil fuels and doubling down on clean energy.

trump feb 2Image result for trump drilling beaufort sea

More reading –

Stop the Trump administration’s new Arctic drilling plans — submit your letter today.

Last spring, thousands of NRDC supporters mobilized to send messages opposing drilling in the Arctic Refuge and Beaufort Sea. And NRDC and our allies filed a lawsuit in federal court to block this illegal oil drilling scheme, and that legal battle continues.

But Trump and Zinke are intent on moving ahead with their drive to drill in these pristine wild places. In addition to their destructive plans for the Beaufort, the Trump administration is about to release a disastrous five-year plan that will likely call for a massive expansion of oil and gas drilling along nearly all of America’s precious coasts.

NRDC is prepared to fight offshore drilling on both these fronts and more. But in the meantime, please submit your Letter of Opposition to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke demanding that he halt his department’s unrelenting push to open the Beaufort to oil drilling.

Thanks again for standing with NRDC in defense of the wild Arctic, and a clean energy future.


Rhea Suh
President, NRDC


Victory of the little ones against the big ones!


Indonesia: milestone for rainforest protection



Wilmar International, the world’s largest palm oil retailer, wants to finally crack down on rainforest destruction. The world’s largest palm oil retailer, Wilmar International, which supplies Nestlé and Unilever, has released a detailed action plan to map and monitor all of its suppliers. Wilmar supplies palm oil to most of the world’s major food and cosmetics brands. The announcement is therefore a potential breakthrough.


If Wilmar keeps his word, by the end of 2019, he will use satellites to monitor all of his palm oil suppliers, making it nearly impossible to overcome the destruction of the forest. Wilmar`s announcement also puts pressure on the rest of the sector, including other major commodity traders such as Golden Agri Resources and Musim Mas, which source palm oil from forest destroyers.
“Greenpeace will take a close look to make sure Wilmar delivers” said Kiki Taufik, Global Head of the Indonesian Forests campaign at Greenpeace Southeast Asia.

If Wilmar’s commitments are consistently implemented, the ruthless destruction of rainforests for palm oil plantations could soon be a thing of the past.

reset_regenwald.jzerstörter Waldpg

• In the course of a worldwide campaign, Greenpeace has been stubbornly mobilizing against the dirty business of the palm oil industry in recent months and more than 1.3 million people have signed its petition for rainforest protection.

• On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, Greenpeace activists have occupied a Wilmar refinery and have asked the group to stop trading in dirty palm oil. A demand that Wilmar now wants to put into action!

And also from South America comes a very good message!




Amazon Reef: Red card for Total

The Brazilian environmental protection authority IBAMA has finally banned the oil company Total to drill oil on the Amazon reef. The rationale: drilling oil in the fragile ecosystem could lead to pollution that irreparably damages the reef and life on the ocean floor – a risk that is highly calculable, as Greenpeace experts and Brazilian scientists have repeatedly criticized publicly.  Amazon is also known as “the lung of the earth”!



Greenpeace had mobilized for years with education campaigns and protests against the irresponsible drilling plans – actions that have paid off!

These examples show:  Together we can manage to defy even overpowering opponents.

My comment: We fought for years against the deforestation of rainforests. For the protection of the life of animals and humans. Now we get the first good results, it seems a light in the horizon.
We were the David against Goliath, we were and are the little ones. But we fought and need to keep fighting.

“Whoever fights can lose.
Who does not fight has already lost”!

Elefant und Maus pg

My best regards to all, Venus

India: December Greats From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.



animal aid unlimited new header.

Please give anything you can to support this wonderful organisation.  WAV.


Joseph’s beautiful recovery from ghastly wound

We got a call that a terribly injured street dog was hiding in a construction site. A horrific wound had made a hole clear down to his skull and the tissue was consumed by maggots. We weren’t sure we could save him, and with each minute his chances for survival dimmed. Thanks to donations from supporters, watch the beauty restored by weeks of treatment and love that helped this brave boy win his fight for life.

Please donate because someone precious needs you now.


Celebrate the Care-givers: Pushkar!  

Treating dogs right on the street takes many special skills–to be able to gain a dog’s trust almost immediately; and when examining, giving medicine or dressing a wound, to be so incredibly gentle that the dog will allow you to treat him again tomorrow and the next day. Pushkar Gameti, 26, tracks about 15 different medical cases every day on the streets of Udaipur.

Since 2013 he has performed almost every task in the hospital. Because of Pushkar’s talent, hundreds of dogs have been able to get well without any hospital stay at all, or to complete the final laps of their treatment back in their own neighborhoods where they are comforted by the people and animals they’ve grown up around. Every dog we can heal on the street means there is room for one more dog IN the hospital who couldn’t survive on the street. Pushkar, we thank you for your outstanding work that has saved so many precious lives.


Horribly abused and incredibly sweet bull Yoda now safe forever

We got a call on our helpline to rescue an injured bull. We found him emaciated and his face was disfigured from maggot infested wounds around his eyes. A rope was tied through his nose so tight it had started to rip the skin. Because he was tied, we knew he must have been owned and had been abandoned to die without treatment or care in the field, unable to even see because of the massive wounds on his eyes.

We brought him back to our hospital and began his extensive treatment which included daily wound care and bandaging, antibiotics, painkillers, lots of food and a safe place to rest and heal.

We soon found that this sweet bull, who we named Yoda, just wanted love and was gentle throughout every treatment, despite the pain he was in. We deeply thank you for your support which has saved this dear boy’s life.

Please donate today for animals in India desperate for help.


Sponsoring a Sweetheart makes a Cherished Christmas gift!

When you sponsor an animal you’ll be sent a beautiful certificate with his or her photo, your name (or the name of a person you’re gifting it to) and a special thank you from Animal Aid.

Unforgettable and heart-warming. 

You’ll receive the emailed certificate within 3 days–time enough to get it framed and present it as a gorgeous gift of love.

Click here to make your sponsorship today!

Viet Nam: Aurora Has Been Rescued By Animals Asia. Big Changes; A New Life With People Who Love and Care for Her.

Vietnam png

You’ve made a little sun bear’s one andonly wish come true.

Thank you, Mark!
I wrote to you last week asking for your urgent help. We’d learned about a desperate little sun bear, caged and all alone, in a remote part of south-west Vietnam.

Thanks to your generosity, our emergency rescue team and I arrived at Aurora’s side on Monday.

There, we were met with this pitiful, gut-wrenching sight…

Aurora has had a very sad and lonely life. This disgusting cage had been her entire world for 15 long and painful years.

I’ve been travelling with Aurora on the 4-day journey back to the sanctuary, and she is truly breaking all of our hearts…

Every sight and sound fills her little heart with fear. How terrifying the world must be for a bear who has been in solitary confinement for so very long.

After a life of eating nothing but cold congee soup, she is struggling with food. When we offered her watermelon and pineapple, she didn’t seem to know what to do with them.

But slowly, she’s beginning to get the hang of it…

Our brave little survivor finally arrived safely at the sanctuary on Friday. And now the hard work really begins…

Aurora, unsurprisingly, is deeply traumatised by her 15 year ordeal. She has many months and even years of intensive veterinary care and rehabilitation ahead of her.

But in the past week, Aurora has experienced more love and kindness than she’s known in her entire life.

Thank you for giving this sad little sun bear a second chance. We couldn’t do this without you.

With warming sun bear hugs,


Tuan Bendixsen,
Animals Asia, Vietnam Director

PS This time last week, Aurora didn’t have a single friend in the world. But today, she has you. If you haven’t had a chance to donate to Aurora yet, could you send a gift today? You could help Aurora heal the wounds of her sad past. Donate now >>

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