Germany: the “democracy” of pressure groups!


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The shameful message I read today in the press about the baboons in the zoo, in Saarland, compels me to make a political contribution about a country that is really a “banana republic”.

The debate

The baboon attitude in the Neunkircher Zoo in Saarland, Germany, is a crime and an animal cruelty.

The approximately 50 square meters large indoor enclosure is suitable for a maximum of a group of eight monkeys, say animal rights activists. But there live, actually, 104!

Pavianen aus Neukirchner zoojpg

After animal rights activists had filed for a long time a criminal complaint against the director of the zoo, Norbert Fritsch, for violating the Animal Welfare Act, a report was commissioned by the state government. From this report it was “clear” that the baboons are kept in an appropriate manner, whereupon the public prosecutor’s office has closed the preliminary investigation.

The argument goes now in the next round. The animal liberation offensive Saar e.V., short TIBOS, will appeal against the decision of the prosecutor complaint to the Attorney General Saarbrücken.

Who created the report?

The animal rights organization PETA speaks of a “courtesy certificate”, that Franz-Josef Kaup has created, which has nothing to do with the actual condition of the animals. The “expert” Professor Kaup is not only a hunter, but also a professional in the field of animal experiments. He is the former “animal experiment leader” at the Göttingen Primate Center, where he has worked until a year ago. He is far from the protection of animals.

He has issued a statement on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment, and attested a “very good care and health status” of the animals!! Whereupon the prosecutor stopped the investigation!

Kaup lied!

The truth is: He has not watched the animals for a long time, as stated by the prosecution. He had only been there for two days, no animal had been individually examined.

Lesions and biting injuries would not have been noticed. Also, the presentation is wrong that the enclosure offers enough space for the 104 animals. Because, as the report also shows, it is not possible to find enough space for animals in the indoor enclosure, which can now lead to hypothermia in winter, in extreme cases to frostbite.


My comment: The state attorney’s office of a “democratic” country, gives the order to an ex- animal torturer from the lab mafia to decide on the life and death of the baboons in a zoo.
And Germany claims that it is a democratic country! But the reality shows us that Germany is undemocratic inside.

In Germany not the people have the “say” but the auto industry, the church, the agricultural industry, the banks and other mafia-like organizations (“pressure groups”).

The politicians earn with: their official salary is more than doubled by contributions from other sources (bribes). And if, because of poor performance, they have to get rid of politics for once, then they go to industry and openly do what they have always done: lobbying. A few years later return to politics, because the people (and the mass media) have a short memory.

This corruption is particularly visible in the area of animal rights and animal welfare, which is of interest to us.

Here are just a few examples:
-Ministers of Agriculture who operate their own private horror farms
– Criminalizing the undercover work of animal rights activists
-Ex Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt (CSU) has given the controversial pesticide glyphosate his own voice.
-Extension of piglet castration without anesthesia
-Legal mass murder (90,000 p.a) of wild boars by hunters
-Massaker of millions of chickens and other poultry as “bird flu protection”
– No ban on wildlife in the circus, although other countries, even from the Third World, have long banned it!
-No ban on transporting animals over 8 hours a day.

My best regards to all, Venus



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